New Kid on the Block

As a nod to my days of old and hours and days (read: I’m downplaying that figure a lot) spent whiled away in World of Warcraft or Counter-Strike, I’ve got to reference this new, and actually extremely cool, piece of news that hit the wires just a few hours ago. Big Blue (IBM for those not hip to the lingo) has just announced that they will be developing and opening 12 islands in the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Second Life. Some of the new possibilities which I would say may become SOP within about five years time are things like off-site training (demonstrations in game — can you call it a game anymore?), marketing campaigns and community outreach as PR ploys in these cyber worlds (haven’t settled on a term yet), and e-commerce … in a virtual world. Whoa.

Check out the full story on Yahoo! News.

As a courtesy, I’ve ripped off a screen capture from Yahoo! News that IBM provided of their digital corporate campus.

Big Blue's Digital Corporate Campus

P.S. The new kid (me) is Simmons. “Mouse” is just so much cooler, I mean seriously.

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