5 things you should know

If you are interested in Entrepreneurship, Sales, and Influencing People you should watch the video of a presentation given by Johnny Chan, consultant extra-ordinare and CMO of eBoost Marketing, and myself. The presentation was specifically made for a college audience full of motivated, bright business people. Here’s some unedited feedback we got from the presentation:

1. “It was fresh and informational. They were able to tell us things that were practical. For example the whole part about body language, and what to say and not say to professionals.”

2. “I do not think there was much to improve upon, they covered a lot in a good amount of time. They enticed the crowd. Everyone was loving it.”

3. “I would like to see more events that help us develop selling techniques as well as have available internship/job opportunities. Nick and Johnny were very inspirational and knowing that they are looking to mentor someone is a great opportunity for all of us.”

From the video you won’t be able to see the powerpoint slides (which is kind of a big deal), but I guess you’ll just have to invite us to come speak to your company, business organization, student group, poker game, super bowl party, wherever! Please comment as any type of feedback will be appreciated and acknowledged. Here’s the link on VeoTag. Enjoy!


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