20 Tips that will get you an IT Promotion

I found this article over at the Dumb Little Man blog about how to get an IT promotion. These seem like some solid ideas on getting ahead in your job, assuming you dedicate yourself on moving up in your position. These are the ideas that worked for Frank at his IT shop, and actually increased his salary by 15k. Check them out:

* I will work and think as if I were the SVP of my IT group. This will include how I interact in meetings, with co-workers in the hall, etc. This will train me for the future.

* If I ever decide I don’t like the company I work for, I will still act like the SVP because that is the position I want. I will not become a complaining, gossiping troll because my reputation will follow me.

* I will look for areas that my company fails. One day I will fix that failure by starting my own company.

* I will be the guy to speak out with new ideas in meetings. If it’s going to save money or increase revenues, I will never be out of line.

* I will lead others and show my strengths because someday I may want these people to work for me.

* I will finish everything I start. I am not going to mentally bail on a project.

* I will shut up and listen when I don’t know 110%.

* I will study new trends so I am the guy with the good idea.

* Regardless of what my boss says, I will review myself each month and then ask for help where I need it. My company can train me so that I can move on.

* If they ask for 132 TPS reports, I will do them. One day I may ask an employee of mine for similar reports (even though it’s repulsive to think).

* I will speak my mind in the face of rejection when I am confident that my idea is a winner.

* I will know how competitors do things so I can suggest better solutions in meetings.

* I will not bend to process bureaucracy. If the customer needs it, we have to figure it out.

* I will learn as much as possible about the roles people play in my company. One day I will have to fill those roles.

* I am able to recite my 5-year goal at any time.

* Resume builders are nice but I am pushing for seminars that will train ME.

* I will dress more professionally then the rest on casual Friday.

* On internal conference calls, I will ask questions. Not dumb annoying ones, but questions that pertain to the company’s EPS or EBITDA.

* I will be in the office before my boss’ boss 90% of the time.

* I will leave the office after my boss 100% of the time.

Can you think of anything else?

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