Advertising on YouTube

Advertising on YouTube is a touchy subject for brand marketers. No one wants their carefully created brand next to Girls Gone Wild or Faces of Death like content.

Until YouTube improves its tagging technology it will be tough for marketers to get an idea of what kind of content will be showing next to their ad and more importantly what type of audience is watching this content. A video tagged “cat” “funny” “long pole” is hardly a great description of the content or insight into the viewer.Behavioral targeting will also be a next step for YouTube. With BT the power lies in the audience and not necessarily the content. As long as the content doesn’t cross the line, who cares what they are watching if we know they have searched about our product, browsed on e-commerce sites and have compared prices with our competitors.YouTube has access to the long tail of consumer segments and behavioral targeting gives the best access to those hard to find people. Corey Kronengold has a great commentary here.
Now after that moment of marketing seriousness. Here’s a comedy break. This is hilarious.
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