Help! Myspace Won’t Let me Quit!

So i logged on to MySpace for what I thought was my last time today. I decided to cancel my account…after 3 years of wasted time I am finally ready to be productive. I’m graduating college and its time to enter the workforce…no time for Myspace, my new social network will only contain business professionals on Linked In. (note the sarcasm, doesnt always come across well in text).

Like any seasoned Myspace veteran, Im used to the frequent MSBSOD’s (MySpace Blue Screens of Death) that show up so conveniently right when you attempt to post a comment, upload a picture, or even just log in. Little did I expect one to show up when I tried to cancel my account. Not to mention they make it harder to get rid of your Myspace than it is to cancel a damn AOL account! Three screens and an email confirmation link later, I was finally on the final screen..


Sweat dripping down my brow, I said a quick prayer for forgiveness to the social networking gods, and clicked “Cancel my Account”. My Myspace life flashed before my eyes. All the profile updates, picture uploads, bands I dont give a shit about, comments and friend requests flew by in a blur. I felt nothing but regret…and began pounding the backspace key in a desperate attempt to maintain my online presence. . .and I got this:


WHAT THE F*CK?! I went back and tried it 10 more times, it still won’t let me cancel my account. (Luckily I was able to log back in and leave a few more comments). I now look like a jackass to the people I told I was canceling my account. It would appear that I attempted to cancel it and got cold feet at the last minute…DAMN YOU MYSPACE! Hey Tom, I know your living well off your advertising revenue, but get your shit together!

I gotta go see who’s online. good luck canceling your account!

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