NEW FEATURE: Video Of The Week! Al Roker Tries to Play Wii Tennis!

I want to set up a weekly feature on T&T, so every week were going to try and find a great video to post up. Not something ripped off Digg, but try to find a tech related vid the the depths of youtube or metafilter and bring it out. So, without further hesitation, check out Al Roker attempt to play Wii Tennis. This is pretty funny just watching his pathetic hand eye coordination, and he gets his ass whooped by the other host.

All Al Roker jokes aside, I had to put something related to the Wii on here because of all the new systems coming out. Brings to mind last year, when we camped out all night over at Best Buy to get some XBOX 360s and resell them for insane profit. I learned a few things from that experience…and Im confident I could make some serious cash if I camp out for a PS3 Tonight…but I probably wont. Regardless, here is what I’ve learned about the whole “get the new system before anyone else and resell it to some idiot that will pay big cash to be the first to have it” system

1. To maximize profit off something like this, you need to bank on the fact that you will actually get one on or before the day it is actually released. What I SHOULD have done last year, is put an XBOX 360 up on ebay the day before actually camping out to get it. This will generate interest because people will be bidding on something to have it early, when really with shipping and other logistics they wouldn’t have it that early. The exception to this, and where you make the cash, is international buyers. These systems that are released here before other countries are in huge demand, and people will pay $1000’s over the actual cost to have one a couple months early over there.

2. There are some drawbacks to this, and you could risk ruining a reputable ebay account by doing this. Meaning…what do you advertise on ebay? A XBOX core system, or the one with larger hard drive? I didnt know what accessories I would be able to get with it…all these things affect the initial price point you want to start the bidding at. Probably the main risk is that you wont end up being able to get the system at all, and then you are selling stuff you dont actually have possession of. Canceling a high-bid sale like that can really screw your seller account and feedback.

3. There is an extreme chance that you will realize how damn cool it is that you, yourself are one of the first people to have the system, and end up keeping it for yourself. Now, if for some reason I DO camp out and grab a PS3, I dont forsee this chance outweighing the one that I will realize I just dropped $700 on a video game system, and I should sell it to some chump and make a few bucks for one night of no sleep.

Who am I kidding, I got myself pumped up to make some cash writing this…im going to camp out. To be honest, I havent mentioned the inside info received from my roomate that works at Frys, my friend’s fiance that manages a video game store, or my old buddies still working at Circuit City….I’ll let you know what I am able to accomplish tonight!

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