USE LinkedIn, a professional/business oriented social networking site.

Lets be honest with each other there are probably some pictures or comments on MySpace we wouldn’t like the business world to know:

keg standyour boss would love to see this

Use it for finding a job, consulting offers, new ventures, and meeting rich and powerful people. Expand you network of people that you can access to get what you need and want. Its all about who you know right? WRONG

Its not about who you know,

Its about who knows you.

LinkedIn is a great tool that can help you maintain relationships with all of your contacts. You can keep up with their careers, projects, and professional lives and also introduce them to people you know. Here’s the low down on its features:
Registered users maintain lists of contacts of people they know and trust in business (these are called connections).

These lists are then used to provide a network of contacts which can be used in a number of ways. Each person’s network consists of their direct connections and each of their connections connections (called 2nd degree connections).

This network can then be used to find jobs, people and business opportunities recommended by the user’s direct contacts, or by individuals connected to a contact at the 2nd or 3rd degree.

The “gated-access approach” (where contact with any professional requires either a pre-existing relationship, or the intervention of a contact of theirs) is intended to build trust among the service’s users.

Everyone should be doing something to promote the Brand of “YOU”. Linked In will help. 30 minutes on the weekend is all the time you’ll need to set up a profile and start making connections.

Click here to get started, then click here to view my profile and make your first connection. (Nick)
*EDIT: go Here for Ian’s Linked In profile!

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