Big Surprise…Another Consumer Screwed by Frys…

So refuses to help me out with situation. Im not going to go into complete detail, because my email below covers everything. However it just pisses me off that I can spend nearly $1000 with a company and still be treated like I dont matter. I bought one laptop from them, and it had a dead pixel. Went through a huge hassle to return it, finally got my new one and then waited for my money to be refunded for the defective one. Of course there was a mail in rebate on it, so i had already sent in the UPC off the first laptop, and was assured by the customer service lady on the phone that it wouldnt affect my return since the product was defective. However, they still charge me $105 for a restocking fee. The lady on the phone even mentioned that the restocking fee was 10% of the original price. Well something doesnt add up! 10% of a $750 purchase would mean a $75 restocking fee, not the $105 that I was charged. Anyway, check out my email to them (Which STILL has yet to get a response) and see what you think.

The supervisor I finally was able to reach on the phone told me that they did me a favor by allowing me to return the defective computer in the first place. He then proceeded to accuse me of trying to get double the amount of rebates, and told me that there was no way someone in their customer service department would say it was ok to ship a computer back in without the UPC. Well, FRYS, I want you to listen to the tape recording of our conversation, because I can guarantee you it is recorded with your associate telling me it is ok!

To whom it may concern at,

I just got off the phone with one of your customer service associates and a supervisor, today, November 7, 2006 at 11am. I had called regarding my order number, referenced in the subject line. I initially called in over a week ago to talk to an associate about having the defective laptop I received from replaced. The associate that helped me, her name was Beth, was extremely helpful. (I even wrote in a separate email to commending her on such excellent customer service). At the end of our conversation, I mentioned that I had already removed the UPC bar code from the box that I was mailing back in because I sent it in for the Mail in Rebate on the laptop. Beth assured me that this would not affect the return of my product, and I would still have the full price credited back to my card since the product was defective. With this assurance i mailed in the laptop for return.

I received my new one about a week later, and fortunately, it was not defective. I have been waiting for the price of an additional laptop that was charged to my credit card to be removed. Finally, today, I had an amount $105 less than the original amount credited back to my card. I immediately called the service number to find out what the $105 difference was about. Your associate simply told me it was a 10% restocking fee due to the UPC missing and I would not be credit back that amount. I asked to speak to Beth, who had originally assured me that there would not be an issue, and after waiting for 10 minutes, was told she was not available. Since the associate I was on the phone with was not speaking to me at all, or making any attempt to resolve my issue, I asked to speak to a supervisor.

When I was transferred to a supervisor, he was not helpful at all. He reiterated the return policy of requiring the UPC code on the box, which I had already been told. I tried to explain to him that one of his employees informed me that this would not be an issue, which is why I decided to return the product in the first place. He cut me off and then proceeded to accuse me of being unethical and trying to receive an additional money back on my purchase in addition to the rebate offered on it. I am extremely offended that anyone would accuse me of this. The supervisor then proceeded to tell me that they “did me a favor” by returning the defective laptop for me in the first place! Am I to assume that after spending $750 with your company, you wont even stand behind the products that you sell?

So now I am out $105 by your company, have been insulted by a supervisor who should have been interested in helping me resolve my issue, and have been completely misled by an employee who I originally thought had been going out of my way to help me. I am not an unethical person, I am not interested in receiving additional rebates other than the ONE I am entitled to by originally purchasing the product, I would just like the $105 credited back to my credit card for the restocking fee I was assured by Beth that I would NOT be charged.

After being treated so rudely by your supervisor and misled by another employee, I will escalate this problem as far as necessary to receive my money back. Surely you record your customer service phone conversations, and I can guarantee this issue is documented in my original conversation with Beth. Please help me to resolve this issue immediately, otherwise I will file a complaint with the BBB, strongly discourage my friends and family to shop with your company, involve the active Blogging community I am a member of in this issue, as well as file complaints with my credit card company’s services.

Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this issue. Hopefully email will be a more effective medium as the employees I was able to reach on the phone were not helpful.


Ian Grist

Order #***********

If anyone can blog about this or similar experiences, share it with others and post it anywhere, I need your help! We shouldn’t allow the companies we spend so much money with treat us like we are criminals.


November 10th, and still no reply whatsoever. Turns out they really dont give a shit about their customers. I am filing a complaint with the BBB today. I’ll keep posting.

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