Computers – What are they for these days?

I’ve come to realize that people these days have lost the sight of what a computer can be used for. Everywhere I go I see people on computers and what are they doing – myspace or AIM. Computers can be used in so many areas of life that can make us more efficient. People don’t realize that Microsoft makes an office suite with an email scheduling system that can truly simply life. By using a time management system we can fit more into our days. In addition to that we can manage our contacts too. We can store everything from cell phone numbers, email addresses, and street addresses in this.

But do we use it? Not really. Some people do but the vast majority doesn’t. Now the really sick part is that people do not realize that Google is providing all of these same services for free. Most people these days are already online at home, at work, in the library, at Starbucks, and anywhere else we can get a wireless signal and spending that time on myspace. Myspace is a great place to take a break at but don’t spend 8 hours of your day on the damn site! Ow and by the way – all that glitter shit is really annoying!

So my point is this. A computer can be better used to manage your life. The tools are there and better yet, there is very good alternatives that are free.

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