Corporate SEO

How many SEOs would like to work at a corporation say as a VP of Search raise your hand.  I know I wouldn’t.

There are headhunters for Wells Fargo, The Grapevine Group, and Nordstrom looking for executive search talent.  They may even pay 6 figures, with a cush office, dual screen monitors, and one of those ergonomic office chairs.  You are king of search at that company.  However, I would like to think that most SEOs see themselves as more than optimizers, but as cross-functional consultants with a hand in coding, creative, link building, usability, branding, etc.  But in that spine saving, air pressurized, lumbar supporting, with 7 levers under you seat chair–you are just search.

Lets say you’re okay with that.  But after 6 months of recommendation after recommendation that are still sitting on the VP of Marketing’s desk, how do you feel?  Not only are they just on top of the desk but they are under the 3 cups she has on her desk–one for her water, one for her morning coffee, and one for the JD in the bottom right drawer of her desk–what can I say its a stress filled life(copyright Johnny Chan 2006).   Corporate has never had anyone like you before.  They haven’t  gone bankrupt with reciprocal links and a lack of meta tags yet so why should they change.  They just hired a VP of Search, thats good enough for now.  We don’t use our Search exec, we just knew we needed one.  What? Everyone else is getting one.

Forget the corporate job, at least for now, you can get everything you would from VP of Search position here.

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