Programming Languages – A real break down

Found this earlier today and felt the need to share it with all my fellow techies –

Out for the Count but back in Full Effect!

Sorry about the temporary lapse in posting…School and work have been insane lately…that is, if anyone is even reading this.  If not, then who am I apologizing to?  Oh well.  On to the news: I came across this… Read More

Do more with a Quad Core!

An interesting article I wrote in response to one in PC Magazine. Check it out at This article relates with the part of the course focusing on the Little Man Computer in chapter 6. The LMC is… Read More

Help! Myspace Won’t Let me Quit!

So i logged on to MySpace for what I thought was my last time today. I decided to cancel my account…after 3 years of wasted time I am finally ready to be productive. I’m graduating college and its… Read More

NEW FEATURE: Video Of The Week! Al Roker Tries to Play Wii Tennis!

I want to set up a weekly feature on T&T, so every week were going to try and find a great video to post up. Not something ripped off Digg, but try to find a tech related vid… Read More

New Site Design!

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, but the site has been going under a major redesign. This layout is much more user friendly and will allow for easier advertising and management. Hope you enjoy, and look out… Read More

Frys Ripoff Update!

So today, to my surprise, almost a week after submitting my complaint to Frys, I got a response.  I can’t believe it, but it almost sounds like they are going to resolve my issue!  I will be surprised… Read More