Riding the 3rd Wave in the late 90’s

In the mid to late 90’s, nothing was cooler than the tidal (3rd) wave of ska that hit Southern California and Orange County in particular.  Although we grew up outside of OC, really on the border of LA and San Bernardino counties, we got super into Ska.  From Reel Big Fish, Mighty Mighty Bosstones to more local bands like our absolute favorite JEFFRIES FAN CLUB, we wanted to skank…hard.

Mainly due to the influence of the roodest dood we knew, Eric Mulligan, and younger brother Jason Mulligan, we put together our first band in Junior High school – MO57.  Formed through our church (First Presbyterian Church of Upland) at the time, and being “RANDOM!” young teens, we named the band after a sign that hung up in the choir room in the church basement that we were allowed to use to practice which said “Maximum Occupancy 57”.  Thus, MO57 was born.  We played a lot at local church services and covered a lot of worship songs in a skankin’ way.  

MO57 Playing live!

When we finally scraped together $500 to record a 5 song demo special at a small local studio advertised in the pennysaver, we thought it was the absolute coolest thing ever.  I remember my dad even springing for the extra $40 bucks to get the original recordings on a DAT master tape for future editing.

The song “OH” was even featured on a Christian Ska Compilation CD.

The Demo!

Our second band that followed up MO57 was a ska-punk band called THE KUNG FOOLS.  We also recorded a demo that we were extremely proud of:

And of course, like any 1990’s band, we had a high tech HTML and Frames driven website, courtesy of budding graphic and web designer (AND FUTURE EDITOR OF STREET TRUCKS MAGAZINE), Jason Mulligan, ERMAGERD!


Some Awesome B-17 Artwork

If you followed my office redesign last year and saw the panel I made to hang on the wall of WW2 nose art:

Or seen the RC B-17 build that I detailed here:


Then you know that the B-17 Flying Fortress is my absolute favorite plane ever!  I’m big on WW2 history, and love the B-17 specifically.  So I was super excited when I found these awesome prints of detailed blown-out schematics of the B-17.  When I replace the star wars tryptic canvas art I have on the wall, I will be replacing them with these pieces that I found on the Lnyx Art website:

or one day if I can save up enough, the $900 aluminum panel!:

  • https://lynxartcollection.com/collections/military-exploded-views-artwork/products/b-17-exploded-view-metal-panel-limited-to-20

Let me know what you think about these awesome pieces. They have some other plane options as well!

A Creepy Experience in the Desert

I have been listening to a lot of paranormal/unsolved mystery podcasts lately, and have really been enjoying Astonishing Legends.  After listening to an episode where they interviewed a guy about his paranormal experience on a camping trip, I decided to email them about an experience I had out in the desert years ago when camping at Superstition Mountain OHV area.  Posting it here for posterity as well, and in hopes that someone else might have seen something similar out there in our favorite off roading and camping spot!

Hi guys,
I just found your podcast and working my way through it from the beginning (currently listening to “Are We Ever Alone”, and it inspired me to see if you were interested in an experience of mine from a desert camping trip around November of 2014. I was camping out in the desert a few hours east of San Diego at a popular off-roading spot called the Superstition Mountain OHV area.
I usually go with my wife and 2 dogs and tow out our toy hauler trailer with our dirt bikes and quads, but she was working all weekend (She’s an RN in the SICU at a hospital here in San Diego) so I took my buddy and his ~12 yr old son with me. His son had gone to bed in the trailer, so my buddy Aaron and I decided to go for a ride around midnight. I was on my quad and him on a dirt bike, and we rode probably 5 miles or so from camp out into a remote area of sand dunes. It was a full moon and we stopped up on the top of one of the larger dunes around to drink some water and take a break.
As we were sitting on top of this dune, relaxing and BSing, we started to hear a low chanting/singing noise coming from the south of us. We stood up and could clearly see in the light of the full moon a single file line of maybe ~20 people in black robes with hoods pulled up over their heads, all chanting in a low tone. We watched them walk in between the base of 2 sand dunes probably 150-200 feet away from us, and into the the rather large bowl (or what is called a “witches eye” in the desert) in the ground of dunes next to us. As they walked into the bowl of the dune, as if they knew exactly what they were doing, they all split off and formed a pentagram shape, with the one guy who was the leader of the line go to the center.
They all stopped chanting, and the leader got down on his knees in the center, and pulled back the hood from his head. With the chanting stopped, we could hear the guy in the center saying something, as if reciting some words. After doing this for a minute or two, he pulled the hood back down, and slowly stood up. He then started walking back off the way they came, with everyone else falling back in behind him (I say him, but I can’t confirm that these were all men, or women as well. It was fairly light due to the full moon, but we were far enough away that we couldn’t tell). As they reformed the single file line, they started the low chanting again, and they walked back the same way until they were out of our site past the next sand dune.
I have been camping out there hundreds of times over the past 15 years, and told this story to everyone that will listen around many a campfire out there late at night, hoping that other people have had similar experiences or might be able to shine some light on what we saw. While I have heard other stories about cults out there in the desert east of San Diego, I haven’t uncovered anything specific, or any details about what we might have seen. The thing that bothers me most is that we were out a good 5-7 miles, easy to make on dirt bikes, but far enough that walking there in the deep sand would be a challenge. We didn’t hear any other motors anywhere near us, so they couldn’t have driven in there (plus only a desert toy could get that far back in the sand – even a jeep with aired down tires or truck would have a hard time). I still get a shiver when thinking about or telling this story, and always hoped of telling it to a larger audience to see if anyone else has ever had a similar experience out near Superstition?
Love your show, keep it up! I would love it if you could share this story on your show, or feel free to contact me if you would like to talk or record it. No worries if not, just wanted to share!
-Ian Grist
La Mesa, CA