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DBG @ San V and A New Car?

Had another awesome weekend, filled with a ton of wakeboarding and sun. 5 days of work ended last week with happy hour @ Fred’s in Old Town with the gf and her family, a shot of cuervo and a margarita, followed by some hot tub and booze action at La Mirage. Passed out for a couple hours of sleep to get up at 5:30am and head out to San Vicente for some wakeboarding. Danielle’s mom turned out to be an excellent coach, giving me some really helpful tips to step up my skills. Although now I find I have so much to remember while riding, I just have to keep practicing to get all these things to be second nature.

Took care of a bunch of stuff saturday afternoon – noticed another vibration in the brakes on the F150, pulled off the wheel to find that another bolt on the driver side caliper had come off! What is going on! Put loc-tite on all the caliper bolts on both sides, so hopefully this is the end of brake problems.

Sunday went out to San V again with the guys from DBG Concepts. Did some wake surfing and wakeboarding. (reminds me – I still need to fix the gallery on their website! Shit). Check out the pics up top for some of the action. It was nice weather in the morning, but the wind picked up and blew clouds in as it got later, so when we left around 7 it was pretty dark and super cold.

Also on Saturday, went around to some local car dealers to check out a new ride. I’m thinking of getting a new car, and am really liking the 2008 Mustang Shelby GT500’s. It was crazy walking around dealerships – they are so desperate to sell cars right now they will offer you just about anything. Evan and I got mobbed by salesmen everywhere we went, trying to get us to buy right then and there. I guess with the economy going to shit, no one is buying anything at all. One salesmen at Mossy Ford in PB was 29, with a finance degree from USC, can’t find a job and is selling cars, and about to get fired from that because no one is buying anything! I will keep posting about my car search. It is dependent on me selling my truck, maybe my motorcycle as well. I’m not sure about how much of a payment I want to get myself into either, so I will just have to see. Dunno if I’ll end up with the Shelby, but it will probably be a mustang GT.

Anyway, Have to head over to Solutions 4 College offices to wrap up this website project that we have been working on for the past month, and pick up the final payment. Lets just say it will be good to have this project completed. I would like to get the focus back on, and have some time to play GTA. See ya!

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