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Fuck You, Build Around It

They are building a new multi-million dollar building here in Little Italy, and one corner of the building is oddly shaped.   This is because of the historic house there was not torn down.  I don’t know the details of this situation, but it looks to me like one of those historic houses that are protected by law, so they had to develop around it.

I can just imagine the owner telling the developer – “Fuck You, Build Around It”.  hahaha


The W is Closing Downtown

thewThe W Is closing! What was once the hottest hotel downtown just can’t compete anymore with the shitty economy and the stiff competition of the new hotels like the Hard Rock and the Ivy.  My buddy told me this at work today, and I had to look it up on to be sure, and yep – its gone!

Their sandbar up on the roof was pretty sweet.  Sucks to see it go, but I know all of these hotels are hurting (although you wouldn’t know it from our party at the Ivy last week for Pete’s birthday with an $1800 tab for Bottle Service!).  I know from my friends that work at the Ivy that they are hurting too – both of them received a 10% pay cut, a bunch of people were let go, and some other people in management demoted.  Sucks to see this kind of stuff happen!

Check out the article about the W here:

Downtown Hilton Explodes

Anyone hear about this?  I work a couple of blocks away, heard about it on the news, but I don’t even think I heard it or felt the explosion.  Pretty crazy when that happens nearby!  Hope they aren’t doing any construction on our building!

Another day of work, 3 more to go before heading out to the river.  After work today – time to fix the brakes AGAIN on the truck (4th brake job!), replace the passenger side caliper.  Then tweak a few things on WBSD, call Key Bank about my boat loan (Looking in to buying a new wakeboard boat and selling the Maxum – more on that later).

Can’t wait to wrap up this week and head out for 3 days on the river!


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