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SOLVED: Found a Secret Passage in the Living Room when Moving

UPDATE:  I emailed the original owners last night about the secret passage, and they responded back this morning.  Apparently, it was a dumbwaiter idea for bringing up firewood:

“My parents were so paranoid they were always hiding things.  I’m not sure about the bottom hole.  I remember in later years he had old books and papers etc. in there but the original reason for it, who knows.”

“I believe this was a wood bin idea my Dad had with a dumb waiter feature that was never built. He figured it was easier to carry in the wood than to complete the project. Thanks for the pictures. Brings back a lot of old memories.”

It has been a busy month, finally moving for good out of our old house.  5 years of living in that place, and I definitely miss the ocean view from Bay Park.  Don’t get me wrong, I am really enjoying La Mesa, I always loved the college area ever since going to SDSU, but nothing beats the view of the ocean in the morning and evening – something I realize now we definitely took for granted for a long time.

Anyway, we discovered something interesting when we were moving last weekend.  When we cleared out the living room, we found something pretty interesting in the wall.  There were 2 hidden areas in the walls that we knew about since we moved in.  They were always empty, but carpeted, and had multiple shelves built within.  I discovered something even more interesting when we moved the bookshelf out that was sitting against the wall….


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