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Some Sweet Rides

Good news – the shipping guy called me today, and he’s in Huntington Beach and will dropping off my new tires around 5:30 today!  That means tomorrow, I’ll be fitting my new 3″ White Walls on the Cheif.  Evan sold his ’51 Plymouth today too, and the guy didn’t want the exhaust, so for $100 I have a brand new set of side pipes that I’ll be throwing on too.  Hoping to get it over to SDRC tomorrow morning since I have the next 5 days off, and see if those guys can mount the tires and the pipes, oh and I’m getting a set of crossbar hub caps to run on there.  Its going to be a sick ride once its done!

Here are some pics that my buddy Efren took at his friends shop up in the Bay Area.  These guys know how to build cars.  That is a sick ’59 Galaxie Starliner (Convertible Hardtop!)  – extremely rare.  Check it:


Was just in PB for lunch with Myron and Johnny, and came across this white roadster. Added it to the gallery!  BADASS!

Sold My FZR, Looking for a Vette

Just sold my 1995 FZR 600 to a really cool guy in the Navy today, and I’m on the lookout for a new project.  Since I still have my truck, and the F150 for towing, I’m on the lookout for something fun to drive.  If I can get ahold of a cool older car thats reliable, I may sell my Frontier, otherwise it would just be cool to pick up something sweet to cruise.

Last weekend I checked out a 1989 Corvette Convertible with 20″rims, new top, sick stereo system, 5.7 liter v8…had it negotiated down to $4000 but didn’t get my bike sold in time, so I couldn’t pull the funds together.  Those old vettes have all LCD dash board displays, it looks like night rider in there.  Anyway, now that its gone, I’m checking craigslist for my next project.  That vette would have been sweet, but I’m sure something will turn up sooner or later.


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