Vintage Hot Rod Decals – Set 2

Vintage Hot Rod company decals and logos.

Vintage Hot Rod Decals – Set 1

I have collected these images of vintage hot rod decals throughout the years.  They are original examples of an art form that doesn’t really exist anymore.  These awesome logos weren’t designed in photoshop or on any computer, but… Read More

Classic Advertising – Why Can’t We Go Back To This?

I think there is a quite a bit that modern advertising could take from some of these classic ads.  They don’t treat the viewer (potential customer) like a complete fucking idiot.  They speak clearly, effectively, and highlight the… Read More

Classic Grist Rides

Evan finally got around to scanning all of my grandpa’s old car pictures, so I spent the afternoon cropping them and touching them up.  Going through these pictures really makes me understand where Evan and I’s deep rooted… Read More

A Chopped ’56 Star Chief

Was browsing around for cool cars like I normally do, and looked around for some shots ofcustomized star chiefs.  Since I think I’m restoring a fairly rare car, its interesting to see what other people have done with… Read More

Ideas for the Star Chief

Getting the Pontiac out of the body shop soon – rust free!  I’m taking it over to San Diego Rod and Custom after that to talk about its future.  I’m going to have them drop it a couple… Read More

Some Body Work on the Chief

Dropped the Chief off at Rodders Choice (soon to be building in Santee to have the bodywork done on the old girl. She has some serious rust issues, so I was looking around on Craigslist to find… Read More