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FLASHBACK: The Pontiac Pub Gets CAPPed (OR: How Skunky McPontiac Came to Be)

This is a story about a fucking asshole named Chris Payne.  This dick lived next door to us on Pontiac street when Evan and I first transferred over to SDSU in 2004.  Chris started out as a seemingly cool older guy.  We were 22, and rented this cool house a few blocks from SDSU with some good buddies (Bobbinator, Crocker, eventually Anderson…).  The garage was quickly converted into “The Pontiac Pub” where we built a full bar, refurbished an old pool table, dart board, and basically built a fully functional pub in the garage.  Things with the neighbor, Chris Payne, started off cool enough – he would sneak by every night for a cold beer in the pub where were all hanging out at night after classes and work.  He would even usually throw down some cash on the new keg we picked up each week.

FLASHBACK: The 2007 SDSU Mini Dorm Controversy

Wow, after digging through some OLD drafts that I wrote during college and never posted, I came across this.  This brought back A LOT of memories about living in the good old college area.  We were always having the cops show up for noise complaints from Thursday – Saturday nights.  It seemed to be the neighbors only course of action, to call in a trumped up noise complaint and waste police time.  The cops would show up, we’d invite them in and they would see a group of people watching a movie or shooting pool, and say “carry on”.  We were even on a first name basis with some of the officers and used to invite them in for dinner when they showed up on a noise complaint call…  If anything this is an interesting read about an issue that I’m sure is still going on in the neighborhoods surrounding SDSU to this day.  I remember being really mad about the whole thing because I was interviewed for the paper and was misquoted, etc.  I’d be interested in hearing from some current SDSU students and see if this stuff is still going on?


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