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Tropic Thunder is Badass AND a Poncho Update

First of all, can I say, that Tropic Thunder is THE BEST movie I have EVER seen.  EVER.  Period.  It is so badass that words can not explain how much I enjoyed that film.  Every single second fo the movie is absolutely hilarious, and packed with action.  The combination of Ben Stiller, Tom Cruise, Robert Downer Jr, and Jack Black, is absolutely perfect.  These guys just feed off of each other in a symphony of comedic perfection.  Seriously, I have never laughed so hard.  Ever.  Please, go see it.  You will not be disappointed.

I love war movies, and comedy, and the mixture of these two fused together, was just pefect.  I have to say that RDJ playing a black man was absolutely hilarious, even though he was really supposed to be portraying a stingy irish (English? not sure, basing off of accent, which I’m not a good judge), which was just hilarious on so many levels.

Anyway, go see it.  I guarantee that it is money well spent.  In fact, if you don’t enjoy it, I will pay your movie fees back.  Ok, I lied, I won’t pay them back.  But if you are one of the three people that read my blog, I know that you probably enjoy my sense of humor, and in that case, you’ll enjoy this movie. haha

On another note, I found that god damn annoying metallic vibrating noise that has been driving me crazy on my ’56 pontiac.  I narrowed it down to something in the passenger side exhaust system (thanks to evan, and a lot of help from the guys on the HAMB on this thread I started:

Anyway, took the poncho down to the muffler shop I had my dual Flow 40’s installed at (Bobs Discount Muffler on Grape Street, downtown), and talked to the owner, an old New Yorker named Bob Napolitano (hes a fuckin BA!), and he narrowed it down to being the heat riser in the passenger side exhaust manifold.  The riser is apparently blown out, and there is a butterfly in the riser that stays closed while the exhaust heats up through the engine, and when warm, the buttefly opens and allows the hot exhuast to run out through the manifold and out through the pipes.  Apparently that butterfly had worn out and was rattling around in the riser in the manifold.  Typical on old cars apparently.  I’m dropping her off at old Bob’s discount muffler on Monday on my way to work, and hes going to fix that and an exhaust leak I have out of my passenger side manifold during the day, and I’ll pick up after work.

God, I love that car!  Turns a lot of heads.  Was out for margaritas all afternoon today with Dani, Cam, and Chessmaster Cass, and got a lot of thumbs ups, and one from a guy cruising a sweet 1959 bel air.

Anyway, I’m heading to bed, we are cruising out to San V tomorrow morning around 5:45 AM (Me, evan, jamie, dani, cam, and Kjo) to get a good morning session in while the water is glassy, then will prob be chillin all afternoon.

Peace out T&Ters.

Stuck in A Rut in the T&T Life Cycle

Back to a long non-posting rut as I sometimes have here on T&T…Its hard to stay in the groove of blogging every day, especially when you are running multiple blogs.  I don’t even have a whole lot of time for this post seeing as its 4 minutes past midnight, and I need to head to bed as I’m leaving for Hollywood in the morning.

My friend Laura has been in town from Australia for the past 2 weeks, and we have been super busy doing just about everything there is to do in SoCal.  I took this week off work, and we have headed to Havasu, Sea World, Padres Game, Downtown, The Zoo, and tomorrow -Hollywood / LA.  Its been awesome, as I haven’t even done any of the tourist stuff and I have lived in SD for over 4 years now.  My parents came down on monday, and they have been hanging out doing stuff with us too, so Its been a super busy, hectic, and totally awesome week!

I will have tons of pictures and updates about her entire trip in an upcoming post, not to mention all the insanely cool stuff I have in store for WBSD, along with some new web design jobs I have coming up, Awesome plans for a river trip with Dani for the 4th, and a million other things that make up the way-too-busy but extremely awesome life of Ian.  Stay Tuned!

Shit I Hate About Blogging

“Shit” might sound plural, like there are multiple things I hate about it…but I’m really writing this in regards to just one thing I really really really hate about blogging.  Well, actually multiple now because I just thought of another.

Blogging makes me think of some trendy nerd with those little thin rectangle glasses on, an ipod stuck in his ears blaring some emo shit, sitting in a coffee shop furiously typing away on his new macbook air.  This is the farthest thing from me that there is.  And I blog all the time.  although they are always writing about some new web technology, or cutting edge new programming language…I just can’t stay up to date anymore, so this basically just my online journal.  I’m kind of trying to unwire my life in a way, since I’m on a computer all day at work, I kind of like to unplug after and do some real life shit (like my 3 days at the river this weekend – will post on that later).

Anyway, back to what really pissed me off.

Why is every blog post a “10 Reasons Why Every Blog has posts about 5 Reasons to Not do Something “.

It seems like every blogger writes some list of some sort.  I’m not saying that I am not guilty of it as well, I’m sure you can dig up some list post I have done around T&T, but I resolve to never do it again!  Seriously, why does every blog post have to be a list?  Are people really reading blogs just because they can easily digest information in bullet point format?  I don’t know, its just so annoying.

This is the post that set me off about this:

Instead of just casually discussing why he preferred to not use this wordpress plugin on his blog, he had to put it in some stupid numbered list.  WHY?  A “discussion with a friend” provided him with all of the reasons he listed on this post.

“On the contrary, I feel disgusted because the blog owner has treated me like a bot and not a human.”

This is just ridiculous.  In the world of blogging, anyone with good content is going to have some decent traffic.  If you send out a note to commentors on your blog, They aren’t going to be disgusted…maybe if your message just says – thanks for the comment, now subscribe already!  However, I use that plugin all the time for saying thanks, and pointing the commenter in a couple of directions – a link to my forum, a message about what makes my blog so interesting, a link to the contact form on my site so they can ask me a question.  All relative, valuable, worthwhile information.  So, I question whether this guy even uses the plugin correctly, or is just a cheap way to try and push people to add him to their feed reader?

I don’t know, and maybe I’m off topic, but thats just some blogging shit that really annoys me.


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