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A Weekend full of Gristory

This last weekend was totally great!  It started on Thursday night with the arrival of all of Evan and I’s cousins from the Midwest.  Kyle and Kelsey flew in from Austin and Kansas City, and Mary from Colorado, followed by Arista on Friday night in from Colorado as well.  We had all started planning this weekend reunion via email about 4 months ago because we haven’t all gotten together and seen each other since our family reunions years ago.  It has probably been at least 10 years since we all got together, so it was really great to get our whole group of cousins together again.  Pretty much everyone from my dads side of the family was here, and then my dad – ol’ Billy Goat Grist and mom came down to see everyone as well.  It was so much fun!  Our grandparents even sent us out $100 for us to all go out to dinner – which we proceeded to blow on Sushi and Sake bombs on friday night!

Friday night continued as we headed over to JT’s for a gig with Dying To Wake.

We were playing with the ex-Dante’s Boneyard members new band, Reefbound Sol.  These guys were pretty decent, some good reggae jams, and the place was packed.  Quite a few people were pretty surprised to hear them playing some of the old DB songs with new lyrics.  There is kind of an unwritten law that this pretty is poor form to do…but regardless  they seem to be a decent band with some good jams.

Check out some pics from the weekend and the show!

Overall, it was a spectacular weekend – we partied and had an insane time, spent some great time with family and friends, and even had my parents around!

Oh – and I REALLY want to get ahold of some 4Loco and see what happens.  Apparently this shit has been blowing up in the midwest, but I’m not sure if we can get ahold of the real shit anymore – now they have a diluted version since the original was really tearing people up.  Just a random thought…

Better Off Alone

I came across the directory I had stored all of the pictures of what was one of the best times of my life.  Better Off Alone was one of the best bands I’ve ever been in – definitely not on musical talent or quality, but in regards to plain old fun and rock and fuckin roll.  These guys were my best friends, we all lived together, partied together, worked together…they were like a family in one the most important, and toughest yet rewarding times of my life.  I learned a lot during my first few years away at college, and most of what I learned was due to playing music, touring, partying, occasionally going to school, but really just learning about life in general.  We didn’t have any money, and what little we did have we spent on guitar strings and beer, stayin up all night, meeting and chasing girls, and generally causing as much trouble as we possible could.  Some of these pictures are evidence of that…

If anybody is interested, I could even upload some of the shitty mp3’s we recorded in the Atari’s studio.

Pics from Dying To Wake at U31 Last Night

We played our first show at U31 in Northpark last night, and rocked the fuck out of the place!  We drew a pretty decent size crowd, and got a bit of a mosh pit going halfway through our set.  Although at the end of it someone fell into the stage, knocking the power plug out of Bo’s pedal board, thereby unplugging his guitar and we finished the last song sans lead guitar. haha

We got great feedback from the people there, and the promoter was stoked on us and already booked us at the Ken Club on July 9th.  We’re playing tomorrow night at JT’s too – so be sure to come and check that out!  Some chick was videotaping the entire thing…I don’t know who she is or how to find her, but I’d like to get a copy of it somehow.

Check out some pics:


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