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Grandpa Forrester was Special Forces in WWII – an Alamo Scout

On May 30, 2004, my grandfather, Charles Forrester wrote this about his time in the Army in WWII.  It is the last record I can find of his service, after contacting the government military records management office, it turns out they lost millions of records in a fire in the 70’s (paper records) and they all burned.  My grandpa’s was one of them.  My grandmother is still looking for other stuff from his military career, like discharge papers, etc.  I’ll post them if I find them.

A Day in the Second Life of Daxx Wylder

I can’t really express just how much I love my new job.  As a general rule, I think any profession where you stop yourself multiple times throughout that day and think “Wow, I’m getting paid to do this?” is probably an awesome one.

I had a really long day today, and probably went the extra mile more than I ever would have for ESET, mainly because I know my boss appreciated my work, time, and effort, and I was really stoked on what we were doing.  I woke up at 4:30am this morning to get online in Second Life for a military conference that some of our team members were presenting for in Louisville, KY.  Since they are 3 hours ahead and the conference kicked off at 8am, we had to be in-world at 5 PST.  We organized a couple of mock trainings and in-world presentations so the presenter at the conference in KY could take people through our community and show people what it was like with people interacting in-world.

Snapshot_001          Snapshot_001(2)

The presentations and training went off perfectly, and the crowd in KY was very impressed from what I hear.  I’m just stoked to be involved in something cool like this…its really a job I never thought existed and I definitely never dreamed of doing something so cool. 

One of the other recent things I’ve been tasked with is to research some marketing companies experienced with marketing in Virtual Worlds.  The Army is interested in bringing in some outside marketing help to start driving traffic into the world.  I’ve contacted a couple firms that specialize in this sort of thing, and have a first meeting in-world with one tomorrow.  Should be pretty cool and I’m interested to hear about their techniques for marketing this sort of thing, as i’m sure a lot of traditional and conventional marketing practices don’t really apply.

Here are a couple more screen shots of some of the surrounding military bases on the military islands in Second Life:


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