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ESET AndroidA good friend and ex-coworker of mine from my ESET days was wrapped up in a scandal around the downloading of NOD32 in Iran.  My buddy Charles noticed a massive increase in traffic coming from Iran, and increased downloads of security products.  He immediately brought this to the attention of company executives, and (not surprisingly) they failed to take any action.  Charles ended up being the whistleblower, bringing this to the attention of the US government when it was apparent that a large and noticeable amount of software had been downloaded in Iran, where current government requirements call for a license for all software sold (these copies may have been downloaded illegally).

Not surprisingly, Charles was fired soon thereafter.  I say not surprisingly, because many of my close friends and associates have been fired from the company for fairly ambiguous reasons.  There are quite a few people who I worked closely with that were fired without notice or warning, and in pretty underhanded ways.  A great friend of mine was literally tricked into walking into his “forced resignation”.  Our manager walked up to him and asked if he could join him in a meeting to go over some details on a current project – of course he complied and upon walking into the conference room he was surprised to find HR and executive team members waiting to walk him out.  The manager then closed the door and left, and he wasn’t even given a chance to collect his things.  Another good buddy was set up with an accusation of of falsifying timecards, and let go without a chance to prove otherwise (and no acknowledgement of the hours dedicated to overtime that he didn’t charge the company for)… I could go on for days with stories about the inner workings.  Things I definitely didn’t agree with or think were fair, but I doubt they are too interesting to anyone who wasn’t involved.

Please take a look and read through the article.  It’s pretty interesting, and gaining some publicity.  I certainly don’t wish anything negative for ESET, as I spent some great years there, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any merit to this story.  Its an interesting situation, and the tech community should be aware.

Whats New

Not that I trust Dell after their recent rip off (See yesterday’s post), but they have a good deal posted today on an XBOX 360.  This one isn’t too good to be true, so its probably OK, but who knows, they may cancel these after the fact too.  A brand new 360 for $180 isn’t too bad as they’re normally $200 (for the arcade anyway).  Check here for the deal:

Anyway, on to news.  I haven’t been posting much lately since I started school about 4 months ago.  Between working full time and going to school I don’t have half the time that I used to.  I’m starting to get used to the amount of work now, so its not as bad.  Really had to get used to budgeting my time, as  most nights after work I have quite a bit of homework to do.  Despite all that, I pulled an A in my first class (Contexts for Contemporary Business) and just got a 97% A on my final for Business Stats, so will def have an A in that class as well.  Its good to be off to a great start in school, thats for sure.

There is other news that I couldn’t really talk much about earlier, but can write about it now that its out in the open.  After being at ESET for 3 years, I’ve finally moved on and took a new job.  Starting in January, I’ll be working at Defenseweb, a government defense contractor.  I took a Project Liason position working with a project manager on using Second Life for military families and training.  Should be a really cool experience, and I’m definitely stoked to see what I learn in this new position.  Kind of scary to be completely changing my career after 3 years of CRM administration and management, but I’m excited to get into something new and see where it takes me!  Will still definitely recommend ESET and their products 100% because there really isn’t a better Antivirus solution than NOD32.  I’ve never really been a fan of software firewalls and security suites, although our Smart Security isn’t too bad.

As I’m sitting here watching Gremlins  I’m enjoying our huge 10′ tall Christmas tree that we put in the living room.  Also, on unrelated technology nerd note – I got the HTC Hero running Android, and let me say that it is the best phone I have ever had.  Destroys the iPhone for sure.  Google really wen all out on this one, and I’ve always liked HTC products.

Well thats pretty much the update…I’m heading out to Superstition tomorrow with Evan, Kralovic, and some other friends.  I had Kjo’s dad do a valve job and full maintenance on my CRF 450, and evan just picked up a street plated dual sport KTM EXC40o, and Aaron is grabbing Cam’s bike and were hookin up a trailer and pulling a Rhino out with us.  Should be a fun day in the dunes, and I’m hoping to throw my truck in 4wd and see how she handles off road too!

A couple more days at work next week, exit interview on Thursday morning, then heading back up to the 909 for an awesome Christmas with the family, and my grandparents out here from Jenks, OK.  Can’t wait.  Also, recently met a girl from OK (Broken Arrow I think?  Near Jenks apparently)…but that’s a story for another day…

ESET and Stuff

Sometimes I think I take for granted the company that I work for.  They take really good care of employees.  I never dreamed that right out of college I would be working for an up-and-coming Antivirus software company – and one of the best at that!  I had heard Leo Laporte raving about ESET on his radio show for years, and had no idea they were based in San Diego.

Anyway, this realization hit me right as I was enjoying my 12 minute massage which I scheduled at 11am this morning.  Every couple of weeks they have two professional massage therapists come in to the office and set up tables in the break room.  It used to be that they just had a sign up sheet in the main break room, but it got pretty crazy trying to sign up for a massage time, and since the break room is on the 19th floor, those of us who work up on 20 had a hard time getting down there and even getting a spot since the minute it was announced, the sales department, being right next to the break room, was all over it.

With the recent hiring of a Sharepoint admin, he built a form in sharepoint which allows employees to easily sign up through our intranet, and avoids the problem of having multiple people attempting to get the same spots.

So I was getting worked on this morning and having a pretty good time of it – this chick had some good hands – and thinking to myself that this is a pretty damn good situation for a 25 year old 2 years out of college to be in.

I was also thinking about some other random things (this is another of my wierd, random, ranting posts):

Namely, why does the Vista gadget sidebar suck so much ass?  I understand the attempt to be able to add cool stuff like OSX’s “widgets”, but wow this is very, very poorly implemented.  I can’t find a good gadget to do anything!  Most of them are so god damn big they take up a large portion of your screen real estate, and the bar takes forever to load.  I tested disabling the sidebar and saw my boot time increase by 15 seconds.

Also – picked up a sweet new poster that one of our Brazilian resellers hands out.  I’m trying to find an image of it to put up – has a hot chick with a  nice little outfit so tight it must be painted on.  I’ll post up a shot as soon as I can find one.

Other things have been going on as well – some news about my car, relationship, and some web sites…but this is about all I have the energy to type right now.  Be back soon!


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