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T&T In Review: Part 1

A friend at work told me I should start writing about all my crazy stories…because every time I come into work I have an example about some random situation that I got myself in to, and some even stranger way that I got myself out. I thought that was interesting, because I do have a place for all of these stories (this blog), and have been recording them for the past year and a half almost. Looking back at over a year of posts that I have (somewhat) posted on a regular basis – there are some pretty good ones. It gives me a good opportunity to step back and look at what I thought was appropriate to share over that amount of time, and see if I would have done it any differently now.

    • From when an ex girlfriend of mine was logging in to my Myspace account and trying to delete some of my friends who are girls. She was completely insane, so I tried to solve the problem by just deleting my myspace account. Turned out it wasn’t going to be as easy a solution as I initially thought. They really don’t want you closing that damn account! Solved the problem by breaking up with the girlfriend, kept the Myspace account. haha
    • My post the day I graduated college. Pretty much freaked me out, especially since I didn’t really have a whole lot of direction as to where my future was going at this point. Things worked themselves out nicely, however. I got no complaints about life right now, but it sure was scary at the time!
    • In the midst of my job search right after college, I was pretty confused as to where I was going to end up working, and how I was going to get a job there. I think every student goes through this post-graduation. Now I have been working for ESET Software for nearly a year and a half, and its been a great job. Things have a way of working out.
    • Rock bottom for T&T. I debate stopping blogging altogether as my job search is about to come to fruition. Sometimes it seems kind of pointless to be writing, and I go through phases where I think “fuck everyone else, I do this for me” (usually at times of 0 traffic), and then I get a surge of traffic and I think “People actually care what I have to say”. Then I realize something happened to get dugg or stumbled, and I’m back to square one. Now, I really just don’t care who reads this. Its for my sanity.
    • A couple months of working full time begins to set in. It sucks spending 9 hours every day in the same office, then to come home and have a couple hours to accomplish something work related before passing out only to do it all over again 10 hours later. I begin to realize I have a long journey ahead of me, and see the savior that is happy hour.
    • Aftermath from my interview in the Union Tribune in an article regarding “Mini-Dorms” – college housing near SDSU. A reporter contacted me about it, and it seemed to be a pretty open minded piece, but when published actually turned out to be pretty one sided and intended to degrade college students. Kind of the mindset that one develops in the years after school I guess, but it has kept me determined to remember how I was during school and try to be understanding in my later years.
    • My closest call with World of Warcraft. To this day I have still resisted the urge to play. Call of Duty on XBOX is a different story, however.

Coming up next, the rest of 2007, pirated software, buying a boat, and other assorted adventures!


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