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Chat Mistake on Battle.Net


Was playing some D3 last night with SparkleSpanx and was running my level 50 Barbarian.  I joined her game which was a Paragon level 71+ Barb (i think) running on Torment or higher, I forget.  Anyway, I was getting killed with one hit from just about anything, and really needed to power level this toon.

I had asked her in the chat to help power level my character (running Nephalem Rifts or Bounties on Torment++ where they just kill everything and you reap the XP gainz).  Except when I made my next joke, I had accidentally switched over to General D3 Bnet chat, when I posted “please power bottom me”.

This was intended as a PM to Spanx, but ended up going to everyone in the public chat…

Here is one of many responses I got to my embarassing message:



Grist/Cress ’08

Today starts a new effort to actually use my blog again.  One thing I have no shortage of is random pictures from awesome things that I’ve done, been involved in, or witnessed.  So every day I’m just going to post an awesome picture from moment in Gristory, and explain what happened.

Today’s picture comes to you from 2008 during Casey Cress’ run for office.  While he didn’t secure the majority vote, we had a hell of a party!


Hawaii and Hummingbirds

I happened to look at Picasa today and noticed something awesome.  I have no idea where these came from, but suddenly there are animated gifs made from a bunch of my pictures that I had uploaded to Picasa.  I’m not sure if Picasa now suddenly makes animated GIFs from your pictures, but there it is.  Pretty awesome if you ask me, I just have to figure out how these were created.  Sorry for the slow loading of this page that you are about to endure, but since no one reads this anyway it should hardly matter.


From 2013/01/17
From 2013/01/17
From 2013/01/17
From 2013/01/17



From 2012/09/24
From 2012/09/24
From 2012/09/24


This one is like a slo-mo video from an episode of Baywatch…but much hotter 🙂


From 2012/09/23



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