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Evan has Awesome Customer Support

Evan’s has set up his own online store where he is selling motorcycle parts through his new company.  IN the name of excellent customer service, he has also set up an online chat form where customers can contact him for support via IM.  As you can imagine, once we discovered this functionality, it has been non-stop fucking with him to see who can have the funniest conversation with him whilst he thinks its an actual customer.  I had a pretty good one yesterday that I am very proud of:

(Click on the image to view it normal size)

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Ultimo Att(h)acks!

I was chatting with Jess on Google Chat today, and some weird messages started showing up.  I was pretty confused at first, because Jess was typing and then someone else was sending messages from her account at the same time.  At first I got kind of scared, because about a year ago, my gmail account got hacked and someone started sending messages to her from it.  You can see in gmail where your account is logged in from, and there was a login listed from India.  Make sure you keep an eye on that account activity link in gmail!  Anyway….the following conversation was had, and I didn’t figure out what was going on until about halfway through…

It hilariously turned out that Evan went home for lunch and happened to see that her iMac was still turned on and he could see all of our IM’s.  He jumped on the computer and started sending messages as Ultimo.  I called him halfway through when I realized Ultimo was similar to AWESOME-O, the name of Cartman’s  robot in the awesome southpark episode where he pretends to be Butter’s friend to get back the video of him dancing to britney spears.  I figured that evan is one of the only people who would find this hilarious.  But at this point, Jess was already freaking out and I was laughing so hard we kept at it for a while longer.

Sorry babe!

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From the Kaner Conversation Files…

From deep within the archives we find this gem of a conversation.  It was the product of an awesome conversation concerning Evan’s attempt to organize a cross-country motorcycle trip with a gang consisting of Kaner the Soulless Ginger, and myself.  However, Evan doesn’t even own a motorcycle, a fact which we brutally exploited, and hilarity ensued.  Enjoy!

Kaner: what bikes are you two sporting right now
Ian: 95 honda shadow ACE 1100
evan has a ’02 dreamcycle
Evan: i dont have a bike
gotta get one
Kaner: i dont know how many service stations are pumping tears theses days
Evan: hahah
pumping tears
Kaner: most bikes he’s owned have had the nightmare badging tho
Ian: hahahaha
Kaner: maybe we should wait on putting this thing in cheese until evans hopemobile arrives
Ian: how many hopes to the gallon do you get Evan?
Kaner: hahahahahahaahah
Ian: hahahahah
Kaner: hahahahahahahahaha
Ian: hahahahahaha
Kaner: should top it off with wishes before we hit the road
Ian: no point in putting this cheese challenge into action until you have something that actually EXISTS
a few unicorn tears should clean out the wish injectors before you hit the road
Kaner: i saw an ’05 MLK Dreamglider in this weeks hopetrader – maybe he takes yearning as payment
I saw a ’92 Hopely Dreamerson on consignment down at Fun Dream Center
Kaner: hahahahahahahahhahahaha
ah the classic HD teartail…. evan jump on that!
Ian: hahahhahah
oh god im laughing at my desk
Kaner: im cyring
this convo is going in the archives


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