Elliott Mine & Smugglers Cave Jeep Trail
Elliott Mine & Smugglers Cave Jeep Trail

Elliott Mine & Smugglers Cave Jeep Trail

on Saturday this past weekend, we took the Jeeps out off In-Ko-Pah road and did the trail up to Elliott Mine and Smugglers Cave. As fun as last weekend was in Oriflamme Canyon, this trail was especially gnarly and challenging. We got into to some pretty serious rocks and grades on the trail, and only got so far before turning around and heading out before dark. I really want to go again when we have an entire day to explore and not such a late start.


Another good write up and pics from some guys who did the trail back in 2009 HERE.

Here’s a hour long highlight video of the trip. I mounted a gopro to the center of the windshield on the jeep and got some good footage of the rock crawling we were into. Trip ended back out near the freeway exit where we ran into some border patrol dudes on the way out. They were super cool and helpful, and we bullshitted with them for a while before taking off. They provided some tips on the trails in the surrounding area. I can’t believe all the trails they can handle in those Chevy Tahoe SUVs they drive!

And here is my track recorded on my phone using Locus and uploaded to GPSies!


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