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I posted about this once before, but I got access to “Erlibird” which is a service that allows people to join Beta’s for new startups.  I haven’t used it to really join any beta’s for new sites or products, but I do check it every so often in order to laugh at the ridiculously stupid names of tech startups.  I’m not sure what started the trend of abbreviating words for startup names, but every one I see reminds me of HOOLI from Silicon Valley.
I can only imagine that every single one of these companies has a flamboyant Erlich Bachman at the helm,

leading them toward securing venture capitalist funding and a first place win at TechCrunch Disrupt. So let’s take a look at some of the awesome new startup names to laugh at:

BotangleBotangleBasically a ripoff of Google Helpouts.  With a ridiculous name. BudgetlyBudgetlyThis just reeks of web 2.0 names… ChabooliChabooliwut. CouplyioCouplyioNo fucking clue D8syd8sy  Worse than “E-harmony” InteraktInteraktI can hear Erik Cartman saying “If you use a K instead of a C it makes you kew” JooicerJooicerIt Ices Joos? NvestlyNvestly  clever… PushleePushleeHow does the name relate to saving money on gas station hot dogs? TheBttnthebttnThis is breakthrough technology…it’s a…button. TizuTizuI think it’s supposed to mean “Tease You”, but that’s not how it sounded in my head. TrustleafTrustleafSo web 2.0 I threw up in my mouth a little bit. YorbitYorbitActually a cool idea for an app.  Stupid name.  Maybe “Yourbit” would make more sense.


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