Xbox 360 “Games” Tab Missing!

Today I turned on one of my Xbox 360’s for the first time in quite a while.  Since I got the Xbox One, I don’t really use the 360 much, other than in my office where I use it for Netflix, HBO Go, and some other video streaming.  But anyway, after turning it on in my office today, I noticed something extremely weird…there was no GAMES tab!  Not that I play games on this thing anymore anyway (I can’t seem to concentrate on any games on XB1 either as I’m so excited for TITANFALL!), but this is a pretty interesting situation.  I did some researching on the internet, and didn’t see much about people discussing this.  There are a few threads and youtube videos, but so far this is about it:

btw, thank god for this valiant crusader who is going to hold Microsoft to their word and ensure  he gets it fixed for us!  I was cracking up watching this, like he’s the only guy who can contact MS support and get this mystery solved!  However, good for him, he is the only dude reporting this so far, so I do appreciate him being on top of things…

I’ll update if I find out anything new, and please comment if you have some information the rest of us don’t!

What a great Tuesday mystery!


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