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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Tech-Startup Entrepreneur Hipsters – The Worst Kind!

So I just received an email that I was accepted into the beta for some new tech startup website that I didn’t even remember signing up for.  Hell I’m not really sure I ever acutally signed up for, seeing as though they sent me the notification to 3 of my email addresses.  I’m pretty sure I’m on some mailing list they bought.  But anyway, today I got notified that I was able to join the beta for “Erli Bird” a new startup itself that allows you to join the betas for new and upcoming tech startup websites and apps.

Don’t get me started on why they went with the spelling “ERLI” instead of the normal, accepted, “EARLY”. . . what really got me pissed off this morning is the plethora of names of  tech-startup hipster entrepreneurs companies that they are allowing you join the beta’s for.  I’ll focus on just a few of my favorites here, and provide a quick ranking on solidly they piss me off with their ironic web 3.0 abbreviated or hiply spelled company names.



JAVU: 1/5
I don’t know what the fuck geofencing is, nor do I care about harnessing it.  The name sounds like “java” and “view”, so maybe they direct you local coffee shops?  Too many hipsters writing screenplays on their macbook pros there already, no need for this app.



UTAVI: 1/5
I’m pretty sure this is the sound that the jawa traders make in Star Wars.   Stupid name for an app.



Complete with “instagram” style script logo and cool picture of the hipster-tech-startup icon Golden Gate Bridge…


This one annoys the shit out of me.  It just sounds pretentious.  Oh and it provides “social learning for the modern enterprise”.  I can’t see IBM or HP admitting they use “pathgather”.



FUCK seriously “tagr”?  WHY!  It just sounds too much like “grindr” which is, literally, gay.



While this one annoys me for the one ironic word name, it gets an extra point because they used the correct spelling, and not “PONDR”.



This one pisses me off for multiple reasons.  Most of you already know my hatred of hippies, and this is a social network solely for Yoga Hippies!  I think we all know one bitch that is probably already signed up for the beta on this one…

I could go on for hours.  Maybe I’ll follow up with a new post each week on this, there is tons of content on the site!

Which ones do you hate the most?

Xbox 360 “Games” Tab Missing!

Today I turned on one of my Xbox 360’s for the first time in quite a while.  Since I got the Xbox One, I don’t really use the 360 much, other than in my office where I use it for Netflix, HBO Go, and some other video streaming.  But anyway, after turning it on in my office today, I noticed something extremely weird…there was no GAMES tab!  Not that I play games on this thing anymore anyway (I can’t seem to concentrate on any games on XB1 either as I’m so excited for TITANFALL!), but this is a pretty interesting situation.  I did some researching on the internet, and didn’t see much about people discussing this.  There are a few threads and youtube videos, but so far this is about it:

btw, thank god for this valiant crusader who is going to hold Microsoft to their word and ensure  he gets it fixed for us!  I was cracking up watching this, like he’s the only guy who can contact MS support and get this mystery solved!  However, good for him, he is the only dude reporting this so far, so I do appreciate him being on top of things…

I’ll update if I find out anything new, and please comment if you have some information the rest of us don’t!

What a great Tuesday mystery!


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