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SOLVED: Found a Secret Passage in the Living Room when Moving

UPDATE:  I emailed the original owners last night about the secret passage, and they responded back this morning.  Apparently, it was a dumbwaiter idea for bringing up firewood:

“My parents were so paranoid they were always hiding things.  I’m not sure about the bottom hole.  I remember in later years he had old books and papers etc. in there but the original reason for it, who knows.”

“I believe this was a wood bin idea my Dad had with a dumb waiter feature that was never built. He figured it was easier to carry in the wood than to complete the project. Thanks for the pictures. Brings back a lot of old memories.”

It has been a busy month, finally moving for good out of our old house.  5 years of living in that place, and I definitely miss the ocean view from Bay Park.  Don’t get me wrong, I am really enjoying La Mesa, I always loved the college area ever since going to SDSU, but nothing beats the view of the ocean in the morning and evening – something I realize now we definitely took for granted for a long time.

Anyway, we discovered something interesting when we were moving last weekend.  When we cleared out the living room, we found something pretty interesting in the wall.  There were 2 hidden areas in the walls that we knew about since we moved in.  They were always empty, but carpeted, and had multiple shelves built within.  I discovered something even more interesting when we moved the bookshelf out that was sitting against the wall….

There was a third secret passage built into the bottom of the wall.  Check out the pictures in thes slideshow below to see what I’m talking about.  This was a new one that we have never discovered before.  The most interesting thing is it drops down into a passage nearly 7 feet deep and has an opening that may go into the crawl space under the house, or …..

I have to admit, when I was opening this thing up, all I could think about was the people in Sacramento that found jars full of gold when they were having a new air conditioning system installed.

Check out my thread on Reddit about these pictures.  It’s getting some interest and people have some ideas about what it could be used for.  Evan and I also put up a few good descriptions of how it is all laid out:

Evan Passage Description

Evan Passage Description

Ian Passage Description

Ian Passage Description



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    Bomb shelter most likely. The concrete would make sense

  • Alicia

    It probably originally belonged to the Borgers. And the dad would torture kids down there. When the neighbors started getting suspicious, they moved to Upland.

  • DaxxRuckus

    hahahahahahaha no shit I just spit water on my monitor LOLing Alicia. I was wondering why I found a bamboo cane and a pool cue down in there? hahahaha

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    Could be Metis. I’m going to email the original owners and see if they have any ideas…

  • DaxxRuckus

    See the update! SOLVED!

  • ahahah bamboo cane! I’m sure it was Anita or wtf her name was. Definitely the Borgers torture chamber.


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