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Ian Goes Cougar Hunting...Hilarity Ensues | Funny

Ian Goes Cougar Hunting…Hilarity Ensues

If you have been a long time reader of T&T you may remember my last ordeal with online dating (see THIS post from a while back).  It didn’t go so well.  So since my recent (not my choice) change in relationship status, I figured I might as well use this opportunity to see whats going on with San Diego’s huge population of older, eligible, women.  That’s right – Cougars.  La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach…the coastal areas are full of Cougar Dens with tons of Cougars on the prowl.  I like to think I fall into their prime demographic – single, no kids, self sufficient, eligible bachelor under 30?


So I did what any self respecting young cougar-hunter would do.  I signed up for CougarLife.com.  After all, it’s been voted America’s #1 wildest online dating site…what could go wrong?  I immediately set up a profile, using years of online dating experience to craft an irresistible presence for myself on the site.  And what do you know…the messages started pouring in!  Within a week I had 6 messages, within a month, over 15.  I must have done something right!  But wait, there’s a catch – WHAT! I have pay in order to read the messages?!  I’m hooked – no doubt these messages are dripping with sexual innuendos that only a mid-40’s divorcee could propose.



My Gmail inbox starts to fill up with notifications like this:


Of course this goes straight to my head and I start envisioning myself as the Steve Irwin of La Jolla, spending Friday nights out Cooz-Hunting or posting up at the bar at the Brigantine on a Poon Safari, slaying the local wildlife and being nursed back to health from horrible wine-cooler hangovers by beautiful middle aged women.


Well, I might have let my imagination get the best of me, because I still haven’t paid to sign up and see what these messages actually say.  But hey – they have a guarantee that if I don’t actually get laid – they will refund my membership fee.  How can I go wrong?!  Since I’ve been a member for about a month and still not actually signed up, one day I receive the following message:



WHAT!!  You want me to be a member so badly that you will let me sign up for the one-time low price of $12?!?!?!?  SOLD!  As I go to the sign up link,  shaking with the anticipation of what these messages are going to say, I feel like the guy in the Da Vinci code unlocking that codex thing (only to find out that this situation is going to have a worse ending than a Dan Brown novel).


I decide to do some quick googling before actually putting down a credit card on this thing, and I fire off a quick search for “cougar life scam”.  Uh oh…millions of results.  I decide to read a few.  Oh shit, these guys have been in the same situation.  That can’t possibly be the same for me though, these women are legit (this is literally my thought process).  I’ll just do a quick check and see what these profiles look like…



Wait a  minute nitestorm008, why haven’t you filled out your “About Me” section?  Why do you only have 1 picture?  Why do ALL of the other women who messaged me have the same situation on their profile?  The realization begins to sink in that I am indeed NOT the Steve Irwin of middle aged women.  I’m a sucker who *ALMOST* fell for an online scam.  hahaha


Well, I can’t give CougarLife.com the awesome review that I really wanted to.  But I can tell you this:  just signing up for this thing is great for your ego as the spam messages start rolling in.  In you are single loser like myself, it just might provide the confidence boost you are looking for to get out there and meet some women through real interaction…Or just learn the Mystery Method. (hahahaha)


Stay tuned as I read the pick up artist books and try that route!


EDIT: As I was editing this post, I happened to see the following ad show up in the Google-provided ads integrated in my site.  WTF!  Who’s the marketing genius in charge of this campaign?  FAIL



EDIT #2: If you are into laughing about other people’s online dating misadventures, I HIGHLY recommend you check out Single Steve’s blog.  I can’t even touch the shit this guy gets into.  Go get ’em, Steve!

Ian Goes Cougar Hunting...Hilarity Ensues | Funny

The Car Collection that would put Jay Leno to Shame

Check out this amazing car collection!  This dude on Reddit posted this link to an album of photos on imgur, and apparently he worked for this guy who owned the largest private car collection of something like 850 cars.  He’s even got a ’61 Lincoln Continental in there just like my old ride!


Ironically, apparently the guy (John O’Quinn) died in a car crash in a Chevy Suburban because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt.  Come on man!  I wonder if this collection beats Leno’s?


Enjoy these pics:


Ian Goes Cougar Hunting...Hilarity Ensues | Funny

Want to Learn to Program?

If you are anything like me, you are interested in all things tech.  Maybe you have struggled with wanting to learn more about programming in any sort of language, and done some web design among other things.  Well in my travels on the internet, I have compiled a pretty decent list of learn-to-program resources.  These are some of my favorite sites that I think are great tools to help teach you the basics of programming.


I happened to luck out on Reddit and come across a really cool guy who was offering programming help to anyone who was interested.  Turns out he’s a developer in Dubai who was laid off from his job, and was just looking to help people out while he had some free time.  Super cool guy, and if you are interested, leave me a comment and I’ll talk to him because I know he’s interested in helping more people out.  We just do lessons using Skype screen sharing and it works out great.


I’ve been doing most of my development using the tools I got from Microsoft Dreamspark.  If you haven’t heard of this, you need to check it out.  If you have a .edu email address, you can sign up for this and receive full registered versions of Microsoft development software for free from their website.  This is awesome!  I’ve been using Visual C++ Express for a while, and then started to learn about Visual Studio using the free full version I got of Visual Studio 2010 Premium from Dreamspark, and then finally just upgraded to Visual studio 2011 Beta that was just released on the site.  Hey, you can’t be the price of FREE!  Thank god I still had access to my .edu address from Redlands!


Anyway, on to my recommendations! Here are some of the best sites I’ve found:


I hope these help someone else like they have helped me.  Good luck learning to code!


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