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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Awesome 80’s TV Shows

TV awesomeness of the 80’s knew no bounds.  Nothing like the mindless drivel we are forced to watch today (not counting the awesome hour long series that HBO/Showtime/AMC are cranking out), these shows had serious substance.  They were filled with assloads of ridiculous technology that didn’t even make any sense.  Gratuitous violence, hot cars, sexy women, and mindless explosions…thats all we needed to have 30 minutes of fun!  With that I bring you one of my all time favorite 80’s TV shows intros: STREET HAWK.  The awesome show that follows ex-moto racer and former motorcycle cop Jesse Mach as he is chosen to test the future of crime fighting motorcycle technology (a modified 80’s XR500).  But that’s just the beginning!  Keep scrolling down to check out my other favorite 80’s TV show intros – because I’ve cataloged ALL the classics here!



and now for some of my other favorites:



















Sirius/XM Calls Me Cheap


I can’t believe the shady shit that Sirius pulled on me.  Again. It blows me away that this shitbox company can stay in business.  Just the fact that they were supposed to be commercial free radio and now I spend more time listening to ridiculous erectile dysfunction ads than I do Howard Stern says enough about the company.  Not to mention their horribly inadequate customer support.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so offended by someone than I was with the piece of work I spoke to today.

Despite the fact that my account was set to NOT auto-renew, as usual they charged me yesterday for $83.76.  Full price for 6 months of their shitty service.  When I called in to find out why they were charging me, I spoke to the rudest bitch imagineable.  She repeated over and over that they always auto-renew and that I must be lying because no one would allow me to have an account that doesn’t auto renew.  I explained that I had them send me an invoice, and I paid a one-time payment through my debit card.  I did not consent to have my card kept on-file, and was assured that my account would not auto-renew because they wouldn’t have any credit card on file for me.  Well, I was young and naieve because of course, Sirius ripped me off and auto-charged me for $83.26.

Now for the good part…

I finally get her to cancel my account (I can just call in and set up another promotional rate with a new account for like $20 for 6 months).  She puts me on hold for an hour, and finally comes back ready to cancel.  She then lets me know that she is only able to refund $82.78 of the $83.26 that they charged me.  She said the other $.48 they will be keeping.  I ask why – they were able to charge me the full amount, and I want the full amount refunded.  She explains (?) that she can only refund in whole dollar amounts.  I explain that she is already refunding $82.78, so that clearly is not the case.  I’m laughing at this point, because it’s only $.48 and I don’t really care about it – but its the principle of the matter.  Why would I give this corporation $.48 of my hard earned money?  She tells me that I should be grateful I’m getting any money back, as its my responsibility to call and cancel my account, and they don’t owe me anything.  She then says that if I care so much and want my $.48 that I should call corporate, and then hangs up on me.

Would you be offended if a Sirius customer support rep insinuated that you are cheap?  I am.  I’ve already launched my twitter offensive and hope that I can get someone over there to actually give a shit about their customers.  I’m sure they won’t care – as I’m just one disgruntled listener, right…who cares?

Evan has Awesome Customer Support

Evan’s has set up his own online store where he is selling motorcycle parts through his new company.  IN the name of excellent customer service, he has also set up an online chat form where customers can contact him for support via IM.  As you can imagine, once we discovered this functionality, it has been non-stop fucking with him to see who can have the funniest conversation with him whilst he thinks its an actual customer.  I had a pretty good one yesterday that I am very proud of:

(Click on the image to view it normal size)


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