ESET Aiding Terrorists?
ESET Aiding Terrorists?

A good friend and ex-coworker of mine from my ESET days was wrapped up in a scandal around the downloading of NOD32 in Iran.  My buddy Charles noticed a massive increase in traffic coming from Iran, and increased downloads of security products.  He immediately brought this to the attention of company executives, and (not surprisingly) […]


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  • Great recap! I didn’t know much about the other issues, but mine was pretty stealthy as well. There are other issues allegedly around ESET and employment but I cannot comment at this time. 

    However, I give you this link for those working there who might be questioning what their rights would be should they find themselves in a whistleblowing situation over criminal activity:

  • Anonymous

    Good to know, thanks Charles. Would be interested about hearing more about your situation…there has been some shady stuff around multiple people’s terminations. It really pisses me off!

  • Alexdegausser

    This article is about the Stuxxnet virus that the US and Israel created. It was not attacking the nuclear system though because those systems are not connected to the internet.

  • Umm. Actually this article is about how Iran, a sanctioned country under both United Nations Security Counsel sanction AND United States sanction regarding their nuclear proliferation program, which uses SCADA control systems run through Windows operating system (OS) were cleaning up Stuxnet in part by using ESET NOD32. The licenses are not supposed to be provided to Iran under these sanctions, as well as the constantly available updates. 

    I have no idea what your point about the ‘not attacking the nuclear system’ is about – several researchers have already determined that both your points are mistaken / false.


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