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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Just my CRFuckin Luck | Journal

Just my CRFuckin Luck

Pulled my CRF out of the shed to throw my new red sticker on there, and just my damn luck I left it leaning up against the garage and it fell over.  Landed on the left side and the shift lever punched straight through the case and completely cracked it.  It also bent my brand new ASV levers in half (so much for those things being unbreakable!)  If anything, this is the sign that its finally time to do that top end I’ve been delaying for years…so I’ll tackle that soon.  Evan is going to order the parts for me since he can get them at cost, so at least it will save me a couple bucks on the job.

Note the diagram on cardboard for the bolts.  I’ve learned the hard way a few times that its beneficial to mark the order of the bolts when you take them out so that you make sure to put them back in the right order!

Just my CRFuckin Luck | Journal

Heil Hipster!

Update from Cam:

Evan sent me this ridiculous video of some shitty ass hipsters who formed a shitty rap group called “The Legit”.  These douchebags are so horrible I don’t really need to describe why I hate them.  Just enjoy the video and it should be apparent. I’m interested to see if it prompts you to leave similar feedback to the little note I left them on youtube…

you have got to be kidding me. I’ve never seen a worse crew of horribly tattooed indie hipster douchebags. This screams of Orange County faggots who grew up spending their parents money and embedding animated gifs on their myspace profiles. Please do the gene pool a favor and kill yourselves, or at a minimum STOP PRODUCING MUSIC


I then got sidetracked on a tangent watching other hipster videos on youtube…Here are some of my favorites so far, and if you hate god damn hipsters anywhere near as much as I do, you’re sure to enjoy these classics:




Just my CRFuckin Luck | Journal

Dying To Wake Show Review – Ramona Mainstage

Some honest and unsolicited feedback from a fan attending our show @ Ramona Mainstage on 7/22/2011:

Went to the Mainstage in Ramona last night and woke up this morning with “Nothing Left” still banging around in my skull. Trust me these guys have some left. They rocked so hard you would have thought Ramona was some big city that invited a big name band to play in their concert hall. For one night I forgot about how I really live in some hick dirt farm town. The drummer (Toby) must’ve summoned the power from his mohawk cause as the night went on you could see the mohawk getting taller and shinier.

The Grist brothers on their axes of evil must’ve had their guitar and bass made of platinum. The metal that hit my ears was as if the Grim Reaper himself was beckoning me to wrap myself up in the warmth of his dark cloak. The ground shook like a stampede of crazed elephants on heroin and I swear my skull must’ve fractured in at least four places. The singer (Bo) was like Henry Rollins meets Phil Anselmo. Intense vocals and a passionate rage on stage. In the end “Dying to Wake” left me dying for more. Keep the metal alive!

It’s shit like this that makes it all worthwhile!


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