From the Kaner Conversation Files…

From deep within the archives we find this gem of a conversation.  It was the product of an awesome conversation concerning Evan’s attempt to organize a cross-country motorcycle trip with a gang consisting of Kaner the Soulless Ginger, and myself.  However, Evan doesn’t even own a motorcycle, a fact which we brutally exploited, and hilarity ensued.  Enjoy!

Kaner: what bikes are you two sporting right now
Ian: 95 honda shadow ACE 1100
evan has a ’02 dreamcycle
Evan: i dont have a bike
gotta get one
Kaner: i dont know how many service stations are pumping tears theses days
Evan: hahah
pumping tears
Kaner: most bikes he’s owned have had the nightmare badging tho
Ian: hahahaha
Kaner: maybe we should wait on putting this thing in cheese until evans hopemobile arrives
Ian: how many hopes to the gallon do you get Evan?
Kaner: hahahahahahaahah
Ian: hahahahah
Kaner: hahahahahahahahaha
Ian: hahahahahaha
Kaner: should top it off with wishes before we hit the road
Ian: no point in putting this cheese challenge into action until you have something that actually EXISTS
a few unicorn tears should clean out the wish injectors before you hit the road
Kaner: i saw an ’05 MLK Dreamglider in this weeks hopetrader – maybe he takes yearning as payment
I saw a ’92 Hopely Dreamerson on consignment down at Fun Dream Center
Kaner: hahahahahahahahhahahaha
ah the classic HD teartail…. evan jump on that!
Ian: hahahhahah
oh god im laughing at my desk
Kaner: im cyring
this convo is going in the archives


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