Vintage Hot Rod Decals – Set 1

I have collected these images of vintage hot rod decals throughout the years.  They are original examples of an art form that doesn’t really exist anymore.  These awesome logos weren’t designed in photoshop or on any computer, but by real artists with a pen and pencil on real paper.  They represented real brands and products that were built by hard working Americans on American soil.  Its safe to say that these classic brands are icons of a generation of people and a country that will never exist in that same capacity, in the same way, again.



My Short Lived Social Network

No one will believe me, but I was way ahead of facebook with the niche, school-specific social networks.  I created running on phpNUKE (mysql/php)  in 2005 and it could have been it!  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time, or money, to make it what I wanted it to be….and it fell by the wayside.  I had a small, but decent user base, and teamed up with some fraternities to sponsor parties, etc…but my fraternity involvement among other things got in the way.  I still wonder what would have happened if I got this thing off the ground….