Pepper Jackers

No one will understand this (or find it funny) but Kaner and Evan…maybe Sanborn if he sees it.

Will Kaner
got word on nigh blowin hard thru the feta foothills
2:21 PM Ian Grist
well there was a big cheddar storm front movin through the pepper jack plains
2:22 PM Will Kaner
cheese wheels the size of your head falling hard
2:22 PM Ian Grist
grated parmesan raining down like hellfire
2:22 PM Will Kaner
when the next cheese fargo rollin thru?
2:23 PM Ian Grist
oh ’round blue cheese thirty
2:24 PM Will Kaner
2:24 PM i got a sack of fresh shredded colby needs to get to
2:24 PM the cheddar docks by a fortnight
2:31 PM Ian Grist
you best be hurrying through the parmesan pass, t’will be closed by sundown
2:33 PM Will Kaner
I better get a move on if i want to stay ahead of the cheese
2:37 PM Ian Grist
id say so, pardner


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