My Dad vs Clairemont

My dad was ranting this morning about the biodegradeable spoons at the yogurt shop in Clairemont.  Apparently they give you biodegradeable spoons made out of corn starch with your yogurt.  According to my dad, they have these stupid spoons in the yogurt shops “to pacify the liberal idiots in clairemont”.  My dad, being the awesome patriot and crusader of freedom that he is, took a couple of these spoons a few years ago, and buried them in the backyard.  He digs them up from time to time to check just how much they had biodegraded.  Apparently, in the few years he has had them buried, they have not changed one bit.  He says once they biodegrade at all, he’s going to take them back to that stupid yogurt shop and tell them that they aren’t helping the environment, and this type of stuff only works on the hippies in clairemont.

I love my dad!

Motley Conversation

In preparation for the upcoming Motley Crue show at Cricket amphitheater that has all of us completely stoked out of our minds, Kaner and I have been having some excellent Crue-related conversations.  Enjoy:

(11:32:51) Will Kaner: I’ve been having some issue with my chest.  Any ideas on what to do?
(11:33:12) Ian Grist: The only thing I can think of is to KICKSTART YOUR HEART!
(11:33:35) Will Kaner: Yeah but I think I need a second opinion about my heart condition…
(11:33:51) Will Kaner: any suggestions?
(11:34:47) Ian Grist: i was thinking about going to see DR FEELGOOD!!!!
(11:35:36) Will Kaner: yeah he said Ive been doing to much SMOKIN IN THE BOYS ROOM!!!!!
(11:36:19) Ian Grist: sounds to me like you are caught in the SAME OL SITUATION
(11:36:38) Will Kaner: hahahah and if i keep up this lifestyle i may find myself SHOUTin AT THE DEVIL!
(11:37:07) Ian Grist: lol.  well at least you’ll go down with GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS
(11:37:18) Will Kaner: and were done here
(11:37:32) Ian Grist: nicely done


note: edited for posterity

Vintage Hot Rod Decals – Set 2

Part 2 of my Vintage hot rod decals posts.  They don’t make em like the used to!


This first one is really cool – the company was located in Ontario, CA on Brooks st.



From Vintage Hot Rod Decals

This is literally right down the street from where I grew up.  There is a lot of cool hot rod history in the Inland Empire and LA area, and I’m always digging up cool stuff that went on right by where I grew up.  I searched the address on the logo (1004 w. Brooks St in Ontario) to see what was going on there nowadays. Turns out that Casler Cheater Slicks are no longer on the market, but the old shop is now inhabited by LASER BOATS. Apparently a company making $80,000 custom speedboats didn’t want to invest in a strong web presence. A (gag) flash-template website from hell that took 15 minutes to load is all that remains. I kind of wish Casler and their Cheater Slicks were still around… 🙁

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This is what you get for helping someone out

I had the stock exhaust pipe from my ’96 GSXR laying around in the garage.  I got rid of the bike in December, but the new owner didn’t want the stock pipe (it had a full D&D pipe on it).  I had put it up for sale a few times for $100 with no luck, and I wasn’t really trying that hard to sell it, so I put it up on CL today for free to someone who needed it and couldn’t afford to buy one.  A guy came by and picked it up this afternoon, feeding me some bullshit story about how it was his roommates birthday and he needed this pipe for his bike and it was going to be great to help him out.  I felt good about saving someone a few bucks, and got the thing out of my garage.  Fast forward a few hours, and this shows up on Craigslist motorcycle section:

GSXR exhaust

I sent him a quick email:

seriously man?  I give you this pipe for free today and you paint it and put it up for sale?  I could have sold it but I hooked you up to help out…and this is what you get when you help people out.

karma’s a bitch.

What  a dick.