59 Cadillac Brake Lights on the Chief

Got a set of ’59 Caddy brake lights at the Pomona swap meet last weekend and just hooked them up.  Since the turn signals didn’t work, I took them out and swapped in the caddy lights.  I ended up wiring in the caddy lights into the brake lights (which don’t work yet, only running lights), so now I have 4 running lights up and running whenever the light switch is turned on. One of these days, I’ll get around to fixing the brake light wiring (already got the new brake light switch) and fix the turn signals, but for now  I’ll just get by with 4 running lights and no brake lights 🙂  Check out this ’59 Caddy style!

From Lowered 3 Inches
From Lowered 3 Inches
From Lowered 3 Inches


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