Ordered My New Rig!

After nearly 4 years with my Dell Dimension 9200, I finally scraped enough money together to upgrade to a new system.  I only get a new system every 4 or 5 years because when I get a new rig, I get the best one I can afford.  So I finally started thinking about upgrading the old dual core because I’ve been itchin for a quad.  Well once I start doing some research, turns out quad core isn’t even that great anymore…Intel and AMD now have Hex-Cores on the market!  6 cores!  Thats more processing power than the god damn space shuttle!

So I start doing some research and get into a comparison of the Intel hex core i9 and the AMD Phenom II X6 3.2ghz Hex Core.  The Intel still pushes some higher performance numbers, but comes with a $900 price tag, while the AMD is right on its heels, and retails for around $300.  This pretty much made it a no brainer, especially when I logged on to HP shopping after remembering that I still qualify for my dads Employee discount.  After I specced out the exact system I wanted, It was almost $2000, but I got $100 for the emp discount, a $350 off coupon, and a few random discount codes online and pushed the price down to $1150 w/ tax and free shipping!  Check out the specs:

This thing is a powerhouse!  3.2 ghz hex core, 1tb drive, 8gb ram, and the ATI Radeon HD 5770!  Already got a copy of Crysis ready to install to push this thing to the limits and see what she can do.  I don’t even really game on the computer anymore, but looking forward to getting back into it!    To pay this thing off, I need to sell my old Dell, and I put it up for $350 and already got takers.  Its got a decent Nvidia  8800GT, and a 1.8ghz Intel dual core and 4gb ram.  not bad for $350.  I’m gonna scrap the dual layer LG burner i put in there, and one of the 500gb drives, and then list it on Craigslist as a “WoW Gaming PC”.  Note: this will sell any computer VERY quickly.  Nerds who don’t know much about computers will search for WoW on craigslist – and if you have a specifically built “WoW” gaming system, they will buy it in 2 seconds.  This is a proven tactic, and I’ve already sold 2 computers with it, with a third coming up.  Keep that in mind next time you need to move some old hardware. haha

Now I’m just counting the days until the new rig shows up.  Its been a week already, and the HP website still shows that its “in production” and won’t ship until the 29th.  I check about 4 times a day, and its driving me crazy waiting on this thing!!  Hopefully the next post i get up here will be crafted on that bad boy, so stay tuned!


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