Classic Grist Rides

Evan finally got around to scanning all of my grandpa’s old car pictures, so I spent the afternoon cropping them and touching them up.  Going through these pictures really makes me understand where Evan and I’s deep rooted interest in cars come from.  My grandpa had a million sweet rides, and has always been interested in sweet rides, and in tearing them apart.  He taught my dad these skills, and my dad then passed those on to my brother and I by making sure our first car when we were 16 was a 1966 Mustang that the three of us worked on all through high school.  I think I best summed this up in the introduction I wrote for the website:

We put this together to be an online scrap book off all the cars, bikes, boats and rides owned by members of our family.  Primarily, twin brothers Evan and Ian Grist.  We grew up with a father who, when we were 16 years old,  made us both build working Revelle models of V8 engines before we were allowed to start looking for our first car.  He was also the one who decided our first car should be a classic 1966 Ford Mustang, just like his was.  Just like he did with his father, we grew up spending weekends under the hood of that car (and many others), learning the value of doing a job right the first time, and the advantage of learning how to that job yourself instead of paying someone else to do it.

This upbringing, in addition to a lifelong interest in the cars of the past, have led the two of us to own a wide variety of different cars, motorcycles, boats, and toys – and motivated us to find a place to share them.  We’re the type of people who will go check out a car at a gas station, striking up conversations with complete strangers, sharing the common bond of an interest in sweet rides.  Thats why we built the Grist Garage – a place for us to share all of our cars with anyone who happens to stumble across them.

So pull up a chair, grab a beer, and browse the garage.  If you have any questions, ideas, or anything we should add, just send us a message and let us know what you think!

-Ian and Evan Grist

Note: all of these pics will be up on the GG site too.  I’m hoping to get pictures of any sweet ride that has been in the Grist family so we have an online scrapbook of our hot-rod history.  That project kind of took a back seat recently as I’ve been busier with school and work, but its something that Evan and I will always keep going so our family’s history won’t ever be lost.

So, enjoy these pictures of my Grandpa’s rides.  Some of these pictures go as far back as the 30’s and 40’s!  He had a couple A’s and T’s that are unbelievable.  I’ll always remember the story of how him and his two brother’s each pitched in $5 to buy the Model T, and they all painted a part of it their favorite color.  According to gramps, they were all supposed to work on the car to make sure it was running, but really they each just ensured that it worked when it was their day to drive… but Gramps says that he ended up doing most of the work all the time.

Another great story he said was that one friday he night he was parked out in the T on “makeout hill” with a young lady friend (at this point in the story my grandma always slaps him and says she doesn’t know who that lady friend was, but it sure wasn’t her!), and a buddy of his snuck up and released the parking brake.  Before he knew it, him and his lady friend were rolling down the hill  out of control, and before he could “collect himself” he jumped into the drivers seat and was able to hit the brakes and stop the car! hahaha

Also, great stories about cruising with his buddies and someone would reach over and pull the keys out of the ignition (you can do this on my ’56) and throw them out into the street!  You would have to circle around and find those keys otherwise you couldn’t shut the car off because you sure wouldn’t get it started again! hahahahah  I could listen to him tell stories about his rides forever, and I’m glad I got the chance to document all of these while he can see them.

If you have any questions about a car, or want to identify one, please leave a comment and I’ll pass it on to Grandpa!

Update: was posting these on the HAMB and recalled a couple other stories that grandma used to tell about these cars:

“I remember my grandma saying that she worked for a guy who had a ton of money and he would buy his girlfriend a brand new ford every year. One year he got her that ’49 convertible and the girlfriend hated it, so he wanted to get rid of it and sold it to my grandparents for a ridiculously cheap price – it was brand new!”

These pictures have already got a pretty popular thread going on the HAMB, please check it out there too!

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