A Great Saturday Night

MeAndJessStomachFound this picture of me and part of Jess from floatopia.  That was a rad day.  The weather is slowly starting to warm up, but I wish it would hurry up and be summer all ready.  Today is cold, cloudy and overcast, but yesterday was pretty awesome. 

A couple weeks ago when drinking at Miller’s Field with Jess, Tara, and Hump, I had the awesome idea to have a Chuck Norris drinking challenge.  We decided to pick a day where we would all bring a 30 box of our favorite suds, and try and drink as much as we could whilst watching the Missing in Action and Delta Force trilogies.  6 Norris movies, nearly 12 hours of Norris would provide an ample opportunity for a drinking challenge.

Unfortunately, I canceled the event on Friday because the weather on Saturday was supposed to be cold, cloudy, and a chance of rain.  I canceled the event on facebook, much to the dismay of everyone attending (15 people confirmed I think).  We woke up Saturday to find awesome weather and a great day for a bbq and party.  Luckily, Will pulled through and had a BBQ over at my old pad.  This turned out to be a great idea, as we ended up drinking as much or more than we would have during the Norris event.  I picked up a 24 pack of Coronas and headed over to sit in the sun and drink em.  Some members of the Norris Challenge crew (Tara and Hump) showed up, and we all proceeded to get thoroughly blasted.  The weather stayed great all day, and an we threw horse shoes, bbq’d, and blasted music all day.  Ran out of beer sometime around 9, so Kaner and I made the trek to Rite Aid to procure an additional two 30 packs of blue mountain Coors Light.  This led to more beer pong, good times, and bad decisions.  A late nite burrito run later, and my evening was complete.

All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday night.  Well, maybe if Jess was around, that would have made it better.  But other than that…it was a good one.


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