The Philadelphia Experiment

I’m up in the 909 visiting my parents, and happened to go to my dad’s barber with him this morning, who happened to be the guy who cut my hair when I was growing up.  He’s big into military history, and we got talking about this documentary he saw on the History channel about an incident called The Philadelphia Experiment.  It was about a WWII destroyer that the Navy was experimenting with invisibility to protect them from German U-Boats.  The Navy initiated “Project Rainbow” where they took a destroyer in October of 1943 and allegedly attached powerful electromagnets to it to degauss the entire boat, which means creating such a strong electrical current throughout the entire thing that it would not set off magnetized mines floating in the water.  Apparently the experiment went awry, and the boat ended up disappearing completely for a while, and when it reappeared, the crew had been molecularly modified and had their bodies fused to the hull, in one case a sailor was stuck in between decks with the deck in between his midsection, others died with parts of their bodies stuck through metal bulkheads.  This shit is insane, and I found the documentary on Youtube broken up into 5 parts.  Check it out I guarantee you will be intrigued:

The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment 1

The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment 2

The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment 3

The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment 4

The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment 5

EDIT: Cool article of a supposed “first hand” experience from someone who was there during the test:
  • You’d be surprised with all the ‘experiments’ the military and government have done over the years to it’s soldiers and US Citizens. Sometimes it was some hidden words in a signed document. Other times it was secret crap that nobody ever knew about until things went awry. And nobody ever finds out unless really bad things happen.

    Who knows if half the diseases and complications over the past 50 or so years has had anything to do with those experiments.

    All I know is when I went into the Army they shot us up with soo many damn drugs and needles and tests you never really knew what was in them needles. You stand in line and new ‘nurses’ line up on both sides with needles in hand. Then as you walk past these guys/gals one person injects your left shoulder while the other injects your right shoulder. You move to the next couple of people for more shots. This goes on until you get to the end of the line and you wait up against a wall while you move around and get shot with another needle on your behind. They said it was penicillin I think. Damn that shot hurt like a mofo.

    I don’t even remember how many shots they gave us, probably like 20 or so on top of the big Penicillin shot that hurt like hell. Yeah I said it again cause it made everybody sore for a few days. It was longer than a horse needle. It had to be bad considering they made us run in place before they shot us up. And for this one(remember this is after our shoulders just got shot up) everybody lined up in a big circle against the wall and ran in place. One by one they’d go around and inject that damn needle. You’d hear people going “ahh.” It was not very fun.

    Anyway that comes back to the original point. If you dig deep enough into most governments and military history, not just the USA, you’d find tons of experiments on citizens and soldiers. And most of the time it wasn’t the King, Queen, President, Vice Presidents kids thrown into the lot.

    Hell look back during the civil war. They made the poor Irish kids and other immigrants fresh off the boat pay a few bucks(which nobody had except the rich) or they’d be sent off to the war as a soldier.

    People have never been nice. Humans are a mean lot. And the rich seem to get away with a lot of things. And Karma doesn’t always bit back. I’m sure if there is a heaven and hell though, most of the rich over the years sure wouldn’t be where they think.

  • Ian

    Pretty interesting stuff Pete. What do you think they were shooting you up with?

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