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Monthly Archives: January 2010

The Philadelphia Experiment

I’m up in the 909 visiting my parents, and happened to go to my dad’s barber with him this morning, who happened to be the guy who cut my hair when I was growing up.  He’s big into military history, and we got talking about this documentary he saw on the History channel about an incident called The Philadelphia Experiment.  It was about a WWII destroyer that the Navy was experimenting with invisibility to protect them from German U-Boats.  The Navy initiated “Project Rainbow” where they took a destroyer in October of 1943 and allegedly attached powerful electromagnets to it to degauss the entire boat, which means creating such a strong electrical current throughout the entire thing that it would not set off magnetized mines floating in the water.  Apparently the experiment went awry, and the boat ended up disappearing completely for a while, and when it reappeared, the crew had been molecularly modified and had their bodies fused to the hull, in one case a sailor was stuck in between decks with the deck in between his midsection, others died with parts of their bodies stuck through metal bulkheads.  This shit is insane, and I found the documentary on Youtube broken up into 5 parts.  Check it out I guarantee you will be intrigued:

The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment 1

The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment 2

The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment 3

The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment 4

The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment 5

EDIT: Cool article of a supposed “first hand” experience from someone who was there during the test:

AFE Power Install on my 2009 F-150

Thanks to my good buddy Jason, I got to take my truck up to AFE Power in Corona to have all their aftermarket parts installed.  Jason is an editor for Street Trucks magazine, and AFE Power is one of their advertisers, and Stree Trucks wanted to do a tech article on their intake and exhaust system on the 2009 F-150.  Since Jason knew I recently got a new one, he hooked me up with them to do the article.  I spent the day up in Corona having it installed, and dynoed before and after.

They installed their Stage 2 package which consists of the intake, filter, and throttle body spacer.  46-33002

Justin at AFE installed the Throttle Body Spacer first which was a pretty quick and easy process.  You basically just unbolt the stock air box and pipe.  It takes about 5 minutes and probably 4 bolts.  Then on to the intake, which is basically taking the top off the stock airbox and remove the filter, and then replacing it with the new gear. 54-11623

This combo will basically add 14 hp and 23 lb ft of torque.  Pretty noticeable too!

Next he pulled off the stock exhaust (cat-back) which is all bolt-on.  I didn’t realize that most newer trucks are all apparently bolt on exhaust systems stock.  It took about 30 minutes to unbolt all the stock stuff and get the new gear on.  The only real modifications necessary were to cut the main pipe provided to size (I believe we cut about 6” off it), which varies depending on the wheelbase of your truck.  The only other necessary mod was bending the heat shield around the spare tire in a bit so it doesn’t vibrate against the exhaust pipe.  This may be just on the 4×4 models since they have larger spare tires.


Here are some pics of the actual install, and I’ll post all the others once Jason sends them over to me.  I’ll have the official dyno stats up soon too, I’m interested to see what it actually gained with this stuff, but I’m really excited about getting better mileage.  We’ll see though.

A Letter From a Grandpa

I received this email a couple years ago, and thought it was pretty damn appropriate:

Guess you heard that 68% of the youth vote went to Obama.  My granddaughter called this morning to tell me she was one of them. I replied with this e-mail:

Dear Granddaughter,

The election of Obama comes down to this. Your grandmother and I, your mother, and other productive, wage-earning tax payers will have their taxes increased and that means less income left over. Less income means we will have to cut back on basic purchases, gifts and handouts.
That includes firing the lady who cleans our house twice a month.  She just lost her job.  We can’t afford her anymore.
What is the economic effect of Obama’s election on you personally?  Over the years, your grandmother and I have given you thousands of dollars in food, housing, cash, clothing, gifts, etc.  By your vote, you have chosen another family over ours for help.  So in the future, if you need assistance with your rent, money for gas, tires for your car, someone to bring you lunch, etc. … call  202… .  That’s the telephone number for the Office of the President of the  United States .  I’m sure Mr. Obama will be happy to send a check from his personal or business accounts, as we have, or leave cash in an envelope taped to his front door for you, as we have.
It’s like this. Those who vote for the President of the  United States  should consider what the impact of an election will be on the nation as a whole and not just be concerned with what they can get for themselves (welfare, stimulus checks, etc.).  What Obama voters don’t seem to realize is that the government’s money comes from taxes collected from tax paying families.  Raising taxes on productive people means they will have less money to spend on their own families.
Congratulations on your choice.  For future reference, you might attempt to add up all you’ve received from us, your mom, Mike’s parents and others and compare it to what you expect to get over the next four years from Mr. Obama.  To congratulate Mr. Obama and to make sure you’re on the list for handouts, write to:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington ,  DC   20500
Love you Honey, but call the number listed above when you need help.



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