The Return of MechWarrior

I am so excited for this I can’t explain it.  There are a few new games coming up that I’m hoping will renew my interest in gaming, one of them primarily being Modern Warfare 2.   But when I saw this, I got more excited than I have about any other game recently.

My cousin Steve out in Oklahoma got me involved in the Battletech universe when I was probably 5 or 6 years old. He was into all the FASA games, and played the pencil-and-paper Battletech RPGs, and would call Evan and I to tell us about them.  We started getting really interested in it, so he started mailing us the games.  Somewhere in storage at my parents house, I have the entire Mechwarrior RPG game, with all the rule books, playing boards, plastic mech figurines…this stuff is probably worth some $ since FASA went the way of extinction.  I’ve been meaning to dig it up the next time I go up there.  (Not to mention the stacks of hundreds of Manga Corps cards and Star Trek card game I have from him, and an entire VHS bootleg library of the entire Robotech series!)

So when I was digging through Google Reader yesterday and came across news of the new Mechwarrior game, I was stoked!  I still remember years ago watching the intro video to Mechwarrior 2 on my (ex) friends PC, and was blown away by how awesome the game was.

This really took me by storm.  I remember after watching this, convincing my dad to take Evan and down to Virtual World in Costa Mesa (I think) where they had the full-pod battletech sims.  It was awesome.  There’s nothing like controlling a 2 story tall battle mech armed to the fuckin teeth with destruction!

But now, with a complete redesign of the Mechwarrior games (finally taken away from Microsoft Studios development thank god) we are going to be kickin ass and taking names!  I can’t wait to saddle up in the cockpit of this Atlas and go to war:


I watched the teaser video from the new game on a post from io9 and it got my blood running again.  God help my social life once this game comes out, cuz I swear to god I won’t be leaving my xbox/PC for a couple weeks!


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  • Isn’t that mech with the skull cockpit a Battlemaster?

  • Ian

    fuck no son, thats an Atlas with the custom Skull Cockpit option.

  • Adam

    Wow hah

  • And you say I have issues spending so much time with my IPhone. I can hear it now….”I can’t make it in to work today because I’m <> sick.”

  • Ian Grist

    pete, my love of mechwarrior doesn’t even scratch the surface of your addiction to iPhone!


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