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Fuck You, Build Around It | Photo

Fuck You, Build Around It

They are building a new multi-million dollar building here in Little Italy, and one corner of the building is oddly shaped.   This is because of the historic house there was not torn down.  I don’t know the details of this situation, but it looks to me like one of those historic houses that are protected by law, so they had to develop around it.

I can just imagine the owner telling the developer – “Fuck You, Build Around It”.  hahaha


Fuck You, Build Around It | Photo

Project Hot Rod

Since his Duster was sold, Evan picked up a new project yesterday.  We went down to Chula Vista to check out a 1955 Pontiac Star Chief (one year earlier than mine).  It turned out to be in pretty rough condition, but definitely restoreable.  A lot of surface rust, but nothing major in the door panels or normal spots (like mine had!).  It ran great, new brakes, and trans shifted smooth.  This thing was last registered in 1965 and has been non-opped sitting in a field in Valley Center for the last almost 50 years.  It was picked up by these guys at a charity auction, they got it running, then decided to sell it.


We got sidetracked by the opportunity to pick up a 1956 DeSoto Firedome for $2500 with the original (rebuilt!) hemi.  It was badass.  But decided against it since DeSoto/Chrysler parts can be hard to come by.  It fired right up, but needed brakes, and the DeSoto drums apparently had some proprietary tool you need to pull off the drum.  We decided against it as it would be a much harder restoration.

Anyway, the Pontiac had potential, and the original 287 eight was in good shape, so we agreed on $3000.  I bought mine for $3500 and it had much more serious rust issues, so this was a decent deal.  We paid cash, and got AAA on the horn to send a flatbed to pick up our car that had “broken down on a saturday morning drive”.  haha

Note: Don’t tell AAA that you just bought a car and it isn’t driveable.  Apparently that violates your membership as its only for roadside assistance when your car breaks down.  I was in the middle of arguing with a manager about this, when I just hung up, called back and got a new  rep on the line and said my car had broken down while driving.  Problem solved, and in 15 minutes we had it loaded up on a flatbed heading back to the ranch.

Tons of pictures here:     http://picasaweb.google.com/egrist/1955_Pontiac_StarChief#

and a few taken from camera phones:

We’ve already pulled the gas tank, cut off the exhaust, and will begin sanding and prepping for paint and body this week. Stay tuned for the fun!

On a side note, I just returned from LA as Anderson, Cam, and I went up to Baingo’s move-in party at her new pad in Marina Del Ray.  It was a hell of a night, and great to see some old friends that I don’t get to see often. Now, I’m extremely hungover, and its all I could do just to get this post up.  I’ll be posting pics from the Short Course race I went to last weekend with Electrosport soon, and some pics from this LA trip.  Good Times!

Fuck You, Build Around It | Photo

Nightmare on Wild Street

Sometimes I wonder how I get myself into these situations.  Yesterday certainly wasn’t the first time that I’ve found myself sitting there thinking “What the fuck just happened?“.  I’m definitely a man of extra-ordinary experiences, and have a unique group of friends that seem to foster the occurrence of these experiences, and for that – I wouldn’t change a thing.

Monday started off typical enough, put in 9 hours at the office, got off work around 5, then headed over to the studio to load up our gear for our show @ Brick By Brick.  Unbeknown to us, we were slated to play with WILD STREET, an 80s hair metal/arena rock band so hard core that if I were an honest man, I’d say we paled by comparison.  Let me tell you, they were a hard act to follow.  On tour from New York, they had the unfortunate luck to book a show in San Diego on a Monday night.  There was a good crowd of 10 people, but we stood up front and watched the unbridled spectacle of rock unfold in front of us.  These guys have their shit together.  Choreographed moves, awesome singing, fists-pumping-in-the-air guitar wailing solos…it was awesome!


Evan, I, Anderson, Hecker, and Jamie all loaded up and headed down to B2B around 9.  We had already stopped by earlier, sound checked, and backlined our gear, so we had a couple hours to kill (and drink) before we went on around 10:45.  Turns out, the other 2 bands who were supposed to be playing backed out, so it was just us and Wild Street.  We knocked back our 2 complimentary pitchers of Coors Light (Gods gift to the common man) from pint glasses with the cold activated mountains, and then went in to watch WS rock at 10.  From the first note that accosted my ears, I was hooked.  These guys shredded with a dedication and passion I haven’t heard since Motley Crue slaughtered silence at Cox Arena.  My description can’t do this caliber of rock justice, so check out a youtube vid:

We were completely blown away by how hard these guys shredded the stage.  Not to mention, we were all pretty blasted by this point (around 11), but like the soldiers of rock that we are, we took the stage after them and blazed through our set.  At around 11pm on a monday night, the only people who were at the bar were our friends, so we had a great time playing such a “private” show.  I managed to finish a couple rockstar/vodkas on stage, and was feeling great with a sufficient amount of “rock fuel” coursing through my veins.

After the show, we grabbed a few more drinks and set to bullshitting with our new idols.  Turns out these guys were going to crash in their van or grab a hotel room and just wanted to be near the beach as they had the next day free before heading up to LA for a show (tonight) at the Whiskey.  We offered them our living room to crash at for free, and they took us up on it.  This is where things get hazy and the shenanigans begin.

We rolled home, Thailanderson and Def Jeff see picking up 3 x 18 packs of CL, and opened up the garage, put on some Motley Crue, and set to partying.  People started showing up, and pretty soon, we had a decent party going on.  The Wild Street crew showed up to their utter amazement that the view from our house was 10x better than any hotel room in San Diego.  Like any good after party, we throwing down beers, talkin shit, cars, girls, and music, and having a hell of time.  At some point, we ended up on the roof drinking and taking in the view.  An entire bottle of Jim Beam was killed thanks to the team effort, and we whipped through 54 beers in no time. Before any of us knew it, it was 4am and we were still going strong.

I managed to take Def Jeff on in a 4am UFC fight on Xbox, but was so utterly smashed I resorted to closing one eye so I wasn’t seeing 4 fighters on the screen.  Anderson, after throwing up in the sink, proceeded to pass out on the kitchen floor, cuddling a box of Frosted Flakes.  I woke up at 7am completely dressed, sideways on my bed, and looked down to see Def Jeff face down on the floor.

To say the least, it was the best monday night I have ever had.  Strong friendships were forged, and we definitely have a hookup if we ever get out to NYC, as our new buddies were eager to return the favor.

I have no pictures or proof that these events actually took place, just (hazy) memories of rock n roll and a after-show party that was out of control.  I’ll never forget my night partying with the 80’s arena/glam rock all-stars that is Wild Street.

The events that transpired from 10pm last night through 3pm today will never occur again.  A whirlwind of rock shook each and every one of us to our foundations, and took a little piece of us that we will never get back.  We partied with WILD STREET. We partied good, we partied hard, and we partied just.  The party was good.


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