A Couple of Great Reads

I’m working on a copy of Motley Crue: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band right now, and wow – this is insane.

I borrowed the Slash autobiography about Guns ‘N Roses from Cam a while back, and that was awesome too, but this MC one is written by all members of the band, so you get everyone’s side of the story.  With the Slash book, it was pretty one sided.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone – the intensity and insane level of partying that these guys experienced just blows my mind!

After reading these two awesome stories, I’m going to look around for some other memoirs of crazy rockers…they make for some great reading material!


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  • scar tissue by anthony kiedes is good, so is long hard road out of hell by manson.

  • scar tissue by anthony kiedes is good, so is long hard road out of hell by manson.


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