Pontiac Update
Pontiac Update

Pontiac Update

Went and picked up the poncho from the body shop yesterday, and took it over to San Diego Rod and Custom who will be doing the suspension (2″ drop) and the paint.  Richard at Rodders Choice did an excellent job on the body work – cut out all the rust on the car and patched everything up perfectly.  I couldn’t believe how great it looked.  I’ll be working on his website (www.rodderschoice.com) over the next couple weeks to finish up our trade.

Tony and Abe over at SDRC worked out a trade with us for building their website and updating their online store (www.sandiegorodandcustom.com) so we will be trading on labor for their work on our cars.  They are dropping a rebuilt Chevy 350 and turbo 350 trans in his 1951 Plymouth Concord.

After talking with Tony about paint plans – I was initially going to go matte hot rod black with green scallops to match the interior, but I told him I really wanted red, but just didnt want to redo the interior.  He made a good point that it would probably eat me alive to have the green on there when I really want red, and its true.  I finally have this car all apart, might as well make it into the sweet ride I’ve always wanted.

I’m going to leave the interior as is for now (headline is out, door panels off) and just throw some red seat covers on.  Get the body and paint the way I want it, and a year or two down the line when I have some more money i’ll get the interior done to match.  I’m so stoked on getting this thing done – I’ve always dreamed of building my own custom, and now I’m going to have it!

More pictures and stuff this weekend when I head over to their shop.


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