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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Ideas for the Star Chief

Getting the Pontiac out of the body shop soon – rust free!  I’m taking it over to San Diego Rod and Custom after that to talk about its future.  I’m going to have them drop it a couple inches, and do the paint.  I’m thinking about a matte black primer with some green scallops to match the interior.  I’ve been digging around online looking for some pictures for inspiration.  What do you think?

This is the only actual Pontiac I could find with scallops.  Pretty cool look!

I just got a call from Richard over at Rodder’s Choice and they are installing the windows back in the Chief – turns out the rear window seal that California Pontiac Restoration sent me was for a 4dr hard top no post, and I have a sedan w/ post!  So now they are shipping a new seal over to Richard so I can get this thing rolling!  It’s been over a month without my sweet ride!

My New Xbox Avatar

Hope everyone is enjoying the new XBOX update. I created my new avatar, and a bunch of people have said it looks just like me.  I kind of think so too.

I also got Danielle hooked on Xbox now.  Got her started playing HALO3 online with me, and now she’s addicted!  Pretty sweet to get your girlfriend to enjoy playing video games…I’ve never had a chick that would play it with me before.  Maybe that means we’re both just mega-nerds…but I like it!

Dezert Fun

Last weekend Evan, Moto, Me, and the girls headed out to the desert for the first annual WBSD desert trip. Mike, Metis, the DBG Crew, Kelli, and a bunch of other people were out there. It was a great time, with some good partying and lots of sweet riding in the dunes. I have never ridden my new CRF 450 flat out before, let alone in dunes, so we mounted up some paddles and had a blast. My bike runs great, tons of power, and those dunes are so much fun to rip up. Here’s some pics:

Gary’s buggy. This thing hauls ass. We went on a ride hitting almost 80mph tearing through the dunes. It was BA.

Mini Moto – taking a break up on top of suicide mountain

Me with my sick CRF in the background. This is God’s Country.

Evan ran into some trouble bombing his truck around. Apparently $6000 in suspension doesn’t mean shit in soft sand.


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