Surgery Went Great

So my mom had her surgery today, and it couldn’t have gone any better.  She went in around 6:30 for a test to see if cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, the results were exactly what we were hoping – negative.  So then she went in to surgery to remove what was left of the lump after 18 week of chemo.  It only took about an hour, and she was out in recovery.  We were out of hospital by 1:30 and got her home to sleep for a couple hours.

Shes up now and definitely in some pain, but seems to be doing all right.  Should take a couple weeks to heal, and after that she should be in great shape.  Its been tough with her cancer, but everything has gone as smooth as possible, so we are very lucky for that.  I’m going hang around up here through wednesday, and just help out wherever I can.

Forgot A Title

Heading up to 909 on Saturday to spend some time with my parents before my moms surgery on Monday to remove whats left of her breast cancer.  She has been undergoing chemo the past 18 weeks, and the lump has pretty much shrunk to the point that its extremely small, and they will just be removing it and the surrounding area on monday.  I’m going to head up to Upland and hang out with them, and probably just work from there m-weds.  WIll be good to spend some time with them and to finally be at the end of this shitty journey of my mom being sick.  Overall, she has handled it really really well, and it hasn’t been anywhere near as hard as I have heard from other people, so I’m thankful for that.

I had a funny IM convo with a friend of mine I haven’t seen since my freshman year of college in Santa Barbara, and who now lives in Denver, CO and married a girl that we also went to school with.  This girl and i never really dated, but had kind of a thing for each other, and kissed ONCE in  the stairway of our dorms.

So he randomly messages me today, and I haven’t talked to him in about 6 years.  He informs me of all the information I just disclosed, and tells me that that kiss had more impact than I knew about!

jlane8000: Nice work bro. Wow, that sounds hard. I ended up going to the University of Denver and majoring in Finance.Did you hear I actually married ***********! We actually talk about your kiss with her more than you’d HAHA WHAT didnt know you got married! I remember a long time ago you said something about getting together with her jlane8000: I got your sloppy secondsme: seriously? Whats she doing talking about that stuff – shes on to bigger and better things now!jlane8000: It was a great story. I was jealous of you getting it in the haha

Pretty funny.  Wierd how shit you totally forgot about just pops up out of nowhere and makes you remember all sorts of things.  Those 3 years in Santa Barbara were good times.  Learned a lot about people, life, and did a lot of growing up.  Had a chat with Casey “Deuce” Cress today as well, who is on tour with some band and currently somewhere in Nevada or something…sounds like things are going well for him too.

And on that note, I’m out.  Its Danielle’s birthday, so I’m gonna go hang out with her tonight after I finish up some working.

Fun Day at San V

We went out to San V yesterday for a morning sesh, and had a pretty good time.

got the pass for the slalom course, and had some good riding up until we headed out around 12.  Ran into Buzz, Sponge, and Dennis out there, so they came over to the slalom course and drank some beers and rode for a while.  Pretty crazy when we were leaving, saw a friend of ours pull up and he said they had been waiting in Line for over an hour – apparently the lake was at max cap (100 boats) all morning, and people had to leave before they let more on.  Pretty crazy…I haven’t ever seen a line like that at the lake.  Thats why Danielle’s dad always tells me its worth getting up early and going out – you have to get the good water and not wait in line!

Looking forward to the meet up on Aug 31!

Tropic Thunder is Badass AND a Poncho Update

First of all, can I say, that Tropic Thunder is THE BEST movie I have EVER seen.  EVER.  Period.  It is so badass that words can not explain how much I enjoyed that film.  Every single second fo the movie is absolutely hilarious, and packed with action.  The combination of Ben Stiller, Tom Cruise, Robert Downer Jr, and Jack Black, is absolutely perfect.  These guys just feed off of each other in a symphony of comedic perfection.  Seriously, I have never laughed so hard.  Ever.  Please, go see it.  You will not be disappointed.

I love war movies, and comedy, and the mixture of these two fused together, was just pefect.  I have to say that RDJ playing a black man was absolutely hilarious, even though he was really supposed to be portraying a stingy irish (English? not sure, basing off of accent, which I’m not a good judge), which was just hilarious on so many levels.

Anyway, go see it.  I guarantee that it is money well spent.  In fact, if you don’t enjoy it, I will pay your movie fees back.  Ok, I lied, I won’t pay them back.  But if you are one of the three people that read my blog, I know that you probably enjoy my sense of humor, and in that case, you’ll enjoy this movie. haha

On another note, I found that god damn annoying metallic vibrating noise that has been driving me crazy on my ’56 pontiac.  I narrowed it down to something in the passenger side exhaust system (thanks to evan, and a lot of help from the guys on the HAMB on this thread I started:

Anyway, took the poncho down to the muffler shop I had my dual Flow 40’s installed at (Bobs Discount Muffler on Grape Street, downtown), and talked to the owner, an old New Yorker named Bob Napolitano (hes a fuckin BA!), and he narrowed it down to being the heat riser in the passenger side exhaust manifold.  The riser is apparently blown out, and there is a butterfly in the riser that stays closed while the exhaust heats up through the engine, and when warm, the buttefly opens and allows the hot exhuast to run out through the manifold and out through the pipes.  Apparently that butterfly had worn out and was rattling around in the riser in the manifold.  Typical on old cars apparently.  I’m dropping her off at old Bob’s discount muffler on Monday on my way to work, and hes going to fix that and an exhaust leak I have out of my passenger side manifold during the day, and I’ll pick up after work.

God, I love that car!  Turns a lot of heads.  Was out for margaritas all afternoon today with Dani, Cam, and Chessmaster Cass, and got a lot of thumbs ups, and one from a guy cruising a sweet 1959 bel air.

Anyway, I’m heading to bed, we are cruising out to San V tomorrow morning around 5:45 AM (Me, evan, jamie, dani, cam, and Kjo) to get a good morning session in while the water is glassy, then will prob be chillin all afternoon.

Peace out T&Ters.

1956 Pontiac Star Chief

Everyone knows of my love for classic cars, and craigslist.  The two met again recently when I sold my 1995 Yamaha FZR 600 (that I picked up for $2000 and resold for $3000).  Turns out, investing in that old street bike let to a hell of a payout, with gas prices being what they are, affordable, high mpg motorcycles are in high demand!  WIth some extra cash in my pocket, I started looking for another classic car to cruise around in.  Since Evan and I sold the ’59 Ford almost a year ago, I have been missing having a car that would turn heads…and after a couple weeks of searching – I found just the thing.

I was searching through the San Diego Auto Trader a couple weeks ago, and came across this beauty, it was listed for $4500.  When I talked to the owner, it turns out the car was actually being stored in a warehouse in Upland! (I grew up in up Upland until I was 18, its a couple hours north of SD, and my parents still live there).  So I asked the guy if my parents could go take a look at it, and he said that would be fine.  They went and took it for a cruise, and my dad called me the next day and said the car was sweet and to get it.  So I worked out a deal with the owner, for $3500 cash he would tow it down to SD on a flat bed and drop it off at my house.  Everything worked out perfectly, and last weds he pulled up with my new ’56 Pontiac!

I have been driving it almost daily, put nearly 100 miles on it.  It always takes a while to get to know a new (old) car, and find out its strengths, weaknesses, and pain points.  There are fairly new tires on it, and everything else (Paint, interior, etc) seem to be original.  There are about 101,000 miles on the original Strato-Streak 316 v8, and the 4 speed Auto Hydramatic Trans has had some work done recently (the guy I bought it from purchased it from the original owners widow in National City who sold off all of his stuff when he died a few years back.  When he got it, it ran well but wouldn’t shift out of first gear).

It seems to be in fairly solid shape, except for a problem with the power brakes.  I don’t know if its an issue with the booster or the proportioning valve, but the brakes are Extremely touchy!  Regardless, its in good shape for its price and age, and I intend to hold on to it for years to come.  It has developed a extremely annoying metalic vibrating/ringing noise that I am trying to troubleshoot, with some help from the guys on the HAMB:

anyway, enjoy the pics!